The Lying Game Review: "Being Sutton"

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There is only so much a girl can pretend to be her long lost twin before it becomes overwhelming and, on "Being Sutton," we learned that the further Emma got immersed into Sutton's world, the more difficult it became to keep up the charade. Good thing she has Ethan.

We're starting to unravel a few of the many mysteries this show has to offer. Laurel was pretty easy to read from the get-go, but Char and Mads were a little harder to crack. They say you can tell a lot about people by who their friends are... so what can we now discern from this group of secretive best friends?

Dipping Emma

For starters, they all have crazy ass parents. We knew from the pilot that Char's mother had issues and was a struggling alcoholic, nothing that uncommon or startling. This week, we saw - via Char's fear in telling her that she was cut from the recital - how much more there is below the surface.

Char is obviously a perfectionist who is afraid to disappoint her mother, but it's in a way that is almost disturbing. Emma lashed out and stood up for Char, only to be applauded by Mads for having the balls to go up against her. Mads, on the other hand, has some serious Daddy issues.

Although Mads seems to have turned out a pretty well rounded and normal kid, her father has clearly got problems. Aside from the fact that he, too, has a problem with alcohol (what parent on teen drama doesn't have an alcohol problem these days?) he freaks out on Emma in an unnatural way. It's one thing to have an argument with your own kid, but it's entirely another to escalate from arguing to completely freaking the eff out on their best friend.

Which begs the question, what has Sutton done to infuriate this man so much? Just earlier in the episode he was kissing his goddaughter hello and acting jovial. I have a feeling we're about to learn a lot more about Mads' brother, Thayer. Especially now that we know Sutton is alive, safe and stay with him.

Let's not forget about sexy brooding bad boy Ethan,who is the only true ally Emma has. Dare I say there are sparks between these two?

Overall, I enjoyed learning more about Sutton's world, but the father-daughter dance was a little lacking. If you're going to do a big social event on a teen drama where the bad boy or loner punches someone out to defend the girl, then you gotta do it with a little more pizazz. For further cues, please refer to Ryan Atwood at the Deb ball on The OC and Dan Humphrey at the Wild Brunch on Gossip Girl. That said, I still see a lot of potential!

Being Sutton Review

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