Wilfred Review: Show Some Pride

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Wilfred claimed to focus on "Pride" this week, but the writers didn't seem to take any in their attempts at humor or originality.

My main problem with the show has been its one-note concept, and that was exacerbated this week. The entire installment was based on the premise that Wilfred likes to have sex with stuffed animals. It's a storyline that's lazy, unfunny and simply illogical.

Jane Kaczmarek on Wilfred

The series can't figure out how to use its featured, furry character. Wilfred is an insightful, human-like being one moment, and then he believes that stuffed animals are relatable sex partners the next.

Am I taking a sitcom about a man in a dog suit too seriously? Maybe. But it's difficult to give myself over to its lunacy when said lunacy simply isn't funny.

Did anyone laugh at Wilfred going down on guest star Jane Kaczmarek's character? Or anything involving Bear? It's shock humor that isn't all that shocking when it's the same basic joke over and over.

FX airs my favorite shows - Justified, Sons of Anarchy, Terriers before it was tragically canceled - so I've wanted to fall in love with Wilfred. I barely like it, though, and I have to continually write negative reviews. If something doesn't change in the next week or so, I may need to abandon the series.

Pride Review

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