The Lying Game Review: "Escape from Sutton Island"

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Well well well, look who's the selfish twin now. All this time people thought Emma was the "good" sibling, but in "Escape from Sutton Island" we learned that good girls can pull some stunts, too.

When Thayer told Emma that maybe she should just come clean, she immediately admitted she wasn't ready to give up her new life. Meanwhile, Sutton ended up locked in a mental institution while trying to find their birth mother. She also hooked up with a ward at the institution to get time with her mother. Sutton will do literally anything to meet this woman.

Looks of Concern

I believe that most things aren't written in stone. Especially when you're dealing with personalities there are usually shades of gray. To me, there is no good twin and no bad twin. Emma and Sutton, like normal people, share good and bad qualities. It just so happens that Sutton excels at showing off her bitchy, manipulative side.

Both of the girls are cheaters. Emma hooked up with her sister's boyfriend and Sutton cheated on said boyfriend with her best friend's brother. Emma doesn't want to give up her cushy life as Sutton, but Sutton is the one who insisted they switch places and called all of the shots.

So where do these two sisters stand? Sutton thinks Emma didn't fess up when Dr. Hughes called and she will likely blame Emma for the fact that she's now headed back to Nevada in handcuffs. This was the one part of the episode that I didn't think was played out correctly.

A legitimate doctor wouldn't have shadily called someone late night and then hung up on her. Sutton is a minor, so a doctor would've asked to speak to the parents or at least made her aware of the situation. It's not exactly legal to assume someone else's identity!

What I want to know is how Travis found Emma. Did Sutton contact him and tell him to go to her? Or was he doing his own digging? Super creepy ending to an amazing episode.

I have to say that Laurel has definitely become a favorite. She's funny, sarcastic, and has the best dialogue of all of the characters. I really hope that what she has, or had with Justin prior to her parents busting in, is a real thing. I love them together.

Char and her new prepaid boy toy? She is exceptionally naive, but then again what girl hasn't been naive when it comes to a guy at some point or another?

All in all, the one girl who obviously got played the worst was none other than Annie Hobbs. Not only did Alec and Ted break her heart and drive her out of Arizona, but someone (likely Alec) told her that her children were dead. The poor woman thought she was hallucinating when Sutton finally made contact.

I think we've only just scratched the surface of this whole Annie/Alec/Ted story. If you thought this episode was intense, I'd buckle up for next week (previewed HERE). Now with Sutton trapped in Nevada, Travis in Phoenix, and new Annie revelations, things are sure to get even more out of control.

Plus, how long can Emma continue to pretend she's Sutton? Her friends are on to her and she can only keep them at bay for so long. Another thing she can't keep at bay for long? Her desire for Ethan.

Escape from Sutton Island Review

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