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There were many questions regarding the intersect heading into this final season of Chuck. How would Morgan fare as the new vessel? Would Chuck be okay without the intersect helping his spy game? Would any new intersects arise in the near future?

While "Chuck vs. The Zoom" began to answer at least a couple of those, who knew the most important question we should have been asking - well, the funniest anyway - was this: what will Morgan call it when he uses the intersect? That's right, in a very Morgan Grimes fashion, the bearded wonder has renamed Chuck's intersect flash to the Zoom!

Chuck Season Five Scene

The only thing that made Morgan's new ridiculous name for flashing funnier was the fact that Casey seemed to roll with it in stride. He uttered Morgan will zoom on squash with such calm and ease that it was almost as if he was doing it to purposefully bug Chuck.

That is what is so great about this action comedy. Chuck never takes itself seriously, which is why we will begin the fifth and final season premiere Chuck Triple Threat rundown with what else made us laugh during the hour:


  • The entire opening sequence at the house was fantastic, in which the three spies talk about Morgan as the master spy, all while the bearded one is doing a horrible job of sneaking into the bluff side mansion.
  • I loved Casey not being into taking down Craig Kilborn's Roger Bale until he found out that the Ponzi Schemer stole from Rush Limbaugh.
  • It is always funny when the gang makes from of Chuck. This time around it was great seeing him get upset when they told him he was terrible at sports.
  • We got a brief but to the point story about the Buy Morians. How great was it when Chuck and Morgan thought they would need to trick Jeff, only to witness him stand up out of his wheelchair all on his own?
  • The pre-mature zoom!

We were hit with action early and often in the season premiere, beginning with Morgan's first task as the intersect. Obviously Josh Gomez's stunt double is a stud, because Morgan took out those bad dudes like a karate rock star. Did you see that one high kick?

Chuck hit us with a couple other action sequences, too. I loved watching Chuck get himself get bear-hugged by the Killer, and then not being able to escape thanks to the massive amounts of massage oil on his hands. Nothing beat the slow motion running, jumping through the window, and landing on top of the van by Chuckles in the final scene, though.

It was fantastic to witness our hero come up with a plan in the nick of time, execute it perfectly, and do it all without the help of the intersect.  

We knew Chuck was going to be able to succeed as a spy without the intersect. The question was whether or not he would be alright with it. That is what spawned a heart-to-heart with Ellie about the future. Zach Levi and Sarah Lancaster work so well together that sometimes it's easy to forget that they're not brother and sister in real life. By the end of their convo, Ellie convinced her bro that he is a hero without the intersect, which probably helped him save the day by episode's conclusion.

There was also all of the stuff between Chuck, Sarah, and Operation T.I.T.S. (It's an acronym! Don't you see the dots?!?!) I love the Chuck and Sarah romance, but all of this dream house stuff just didn't seem all that important to me. You can't try to pawn off this get-my-wife-a-home-she-always-wanted business as being nearly as important as them getting together, getting engaged, or getting married.  It's not the same.

Moving Forward
There was plenty to love about the fifth and final season premiere of Chuck. I saw promise for a great ending to this personally iconic television series, which has me on a high. What did you all think of "Chuck vs. the Zoom?" And what is Decker's master plan for our hero?

Chuck vs. The Zoom Review

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