Homeland Review: A Hero Comes Along

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No one said becoming a terrorist would be easy.

It definitely wasn't simple for Sergeant Nicholas Brody, but by the end of "Grace" it seems rather clear that he has come out of his PTSD funk just enough to be the terrorist the Abu Nazir wanted him to be.

Figuring out Brody's deal came much quicker than I thought it would have, as we are now only two episodes into the series, but it was so intriguing watching the man become standoffish with his family and finally play the hero card to the American public that it's easy to forgive the speed at which this development occurred.

Carrie Does Surveillance

While many of the stories in "Grace" were so exciting to watch unfold, it is this character development of Nicholas Brody that has been so fun to grab onto.

I originally thought that the fact that both Carrie and the audience weren't able to see inside the garage was going to make for some very interesting reactions from Claire Danes and everyone watching as this series moved forward. However, after showing the former POW in the garage, with his newly acquired prayer rug, it seems that the dramatic irony involved gives way to a much more exciting viewing experience.

WE know Brody is up at the crack of dawn praying to Allah. His wife, his family, Virgil, Carrie, and everyone else on this show have no idea. That will make watching Carrie try to "connect the dots," as Saul put it, that much more fun.

And just as we saw in the pilot, Carrie was all over the place in "Grace." She was watching Brody, she was mooching more pills off of her sister, and she got in deep with her asset, Lynn Reed.

As great as all of the lead performances have been thus far in Homeland, some props need to be handed out to Briana Brown as Miss Reed for her ability to play this escort turned CIA asset that was both a strong woman and afraid for her life every second that she was on screen. I hope we get to see more of her as we move forward with the Prince and his meetings with Abu Nazir.

Finding Nazir through the Prince, as well as Carrie's overall goal of stopping Brody from committing whatever terrorist attack he has planned, is going to be exponentially difficult because of her given circumstances. She works for the department that was responsible for saving Brody and bringing him home.

They are not going to help her out, or make it easier for her to turn the thunderous applause they received for bringing a POW home, into gasps and negative media attention when Brody has to be arrested for a plot to hurt America. They would rather simply hope that her suspicions are ridiculous, so she's on her own in this one... well, with some help from Saul and her man Virgil.

Homeland sure didn't lose any momentum that it gained from its pilot in "Grace." Through two hours this is still my favorite new show of the fall, and I'm only more excited now to see what happens next.

Grace Review

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Homeland Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

No one said becoming a terrorist would be easy.


Carrie: It's exactly what you would have done in my shoes, Saul.
Saul: No it is not.