Chuck Round Table: "Chuck Versus the Frosted Tips"

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There's been some major division on the Morgan front these last few weeks on Chuck.  But there's one area where our panel is not divided.  And that's on the titular haircut of "Chuck Versus the Frosted Tips."

So please join our Chuck round table as we tackle haircuts, doctors and more!

1. Favorite Chuck quote or scene from the episode?

Dan F: "Just admit that you cannot handle the fact that I'm the badass operative, with the badass tips, and you're the dorky sidekick!"  I really couldn't get enough of Morgan this week, and referring to his frosted tips as badass was just the icing on the cake."

Dr. T: The opening scene with Sarah helping Casey "bump into" Verbanski and then Casey's awkward conversation with her.  This was one of the more entertaining times to see Casey confused and unsure of himself.

Kris. H: Shipperstastic kiss between Sarah and Chuck. The fact that it was preceded by a kiss between the previously Ken-doll like Casey and Gertrude made it all the more welcome. All right Casey and Gertrude was ok too, but I was hoping they would immediately pan to Chuck and Sarah's kiss, and they did .

Eric H: I know it seems like a repeat of last week's round table, but I'm giving it back to Casey and his general awkwardness with Verbanski in the intro.  I love that this man has stepped it up as the comic relief when we lost Morgan to douchebaggery.

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2. Did you enjoy this week's B story of Awesome's doctoring at the Buy More?

Dr. T: Yes, Awesome and the Buy More are both great separately and together they are unstoppable.  Awesome seems to have life figured out and in a strange opposite way so does Jeffster! so watching their worlds collide is always fun.

Dan F: It was fine, but it didn't leave nearly as strong an impression as his exchange with Big Mike about doing the commercial last week.

Eric H: Yeah, there's definitely been some finer Buy More story lines out there, but Awesome won me over with his 'script he wrote for Jeff.

Kris. H: Haha, I always like me some Awesome (or a lot of Awesome) but it made me laugh when he was giving Morgan his speech about "almost losing my identify when I became a stay at home dad"...I thought, Dude, that was three days ago. There were a lot of cute moments in the B-story, including little Clara. And also a few creepy moments, like Jeff being normal. Le gasp!

3. Did you like the way the Morgan problem was solved?

Dr. T: No.  Nothing this season has made me feel better about this arc.  If the intersect was really making him act like a jerk, I don't believe that just jogging his memory was going to fix everything.  Like last week, it seemed forced and the solution was just lazy.

Dan F: I'm with the Doctor.  It was too quick and too easy to get out of this.  You don't just remember some of the good old days and fix a serious brain problem caused by a super computer. 

Kris. H: Weaksauce. Who could like it? I only like it because it means this Morgansect arc is finally over (hopefully). But seriously, this show has never been that great at mythology past season 2. I didn't expect any better.

Eric H: Woh, woh.  Calm down there guys.  I thought every would have been fine with it just to get rid of the douchebag.  Well, yes, in the past Chuck had way more of a struggle with his Intersect problems and would require at least a fancy watch to fix things.  But you know what, who's to say this issue did?  It is all the in brain after all and a memory-based program.  Why couldn't a memory solve it?  And besides.  It's Chuck!

4. Give us some from predictions from next week's Operation Save Morgan

Dan F: They will need the help of a calm, cool, and collected man with a penchant for helping people...cue Jeffrey Barnes.

Dr. T: They are going to try to remove the intersect from Morgan's head and something will go wrong, and Morgan will have to use the intersect to save everyone.  More importantly, he'll get back together with Alex I was kind of surprised that didn't happen last week and that Casey threw him out.

Kris H: Hmmm, I suck at predictions. I predict that Morgan frosts his beard. Gah, I'm really sorry, I'm the worst at this. Let me try again, I predict that Sarah Walker will grace every scene looking hawt.

Eric H: Wow Kris, I'm not convinced that's a prediction so much as fact.  But my random guess?  They'll fake Morgan's death with Casey as the killer.  Problem solved.

5. And I leave you with the most important question, should Morgan keep the frosted tips?

Kris H: Haha, I wonder how much I'll get booed if I say I actually like it? *ducks and covers*

Dan F: You never get rid of the badass tips!  It's hard to imagine him without them at this point.  I think he really needs to frost the tips of his beard so he can be the Frosted Bearded Bandit! 

Dr. T: And the lifts, and the suit, and the little motorcar he had.   Just because I don't like the arc doesn't mean watching Morgan act like a douchey Napoleon isn't funny.

Eric H: Obvs. I don't care how much haterade Chuck has been drinking.  Those tips look damn good.

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