Chuck Round Table: "Chuck vs. The Zoom"

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Chuck came back for its final season on Friday and with it came the return of our usual round table, Dan, Dr. Toboggan, and myself.  Also along for the ride for this final season?  A fresh perspective and webmaster of Sarah Walker Fangirls and new TV Fanatic staff writer, Kris Hekmi.

So enjoy our Round Table 2.0 ad we discuss "Chuck vs. The Zoom."

1. Funniest moment from the episode?

Dan F: Although the Buy More story was slight this week, the single moment that Jeff Barnes slyly stood up out of his wheelchair to put away a box was absolutely hilarious and worth the detour from the main plot.

Kris H: Tickled to the max with Sarah and Morgan's special handshake. Although a close second was the massage scene with Chuck, which reminded me a lot of the Friends gag when Ross had to do it.

Dr. T: I almost agree with Dan.  The funniest part was Morgan and Chuck trying to figure out how to outsmart Jeff to get him to stand up, not realizing all they had to do was watch him for 15 seconds.

Eric H: Pretty sure there were several Casey lines competing for my affection this week.  First when he wanted it acknowledged he killed six of their troops before being captured and then only showing concern when he learned the Ponzi scheme affected Rush.

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2. What did you think of Mark Hamill and Craig Kilborn?

Kris H: That was Mark Hamill? Uh....may the force return to you. Let's pretend he wasn't Mark Hamill for a second, if you took that role at face value, it was small and not very notable. Craig was great in his baddie role. He worked out really well in this episode.

Dan F: What Kris said.  I had no idea that THAT was the special guest appearance by Mark Hamill until somebody commented on it in my review. I guess that's what happens when you haven't seen an actor since his 1983 performances in Return of the Jedi.  What happened to that twerp Luke Skywalker? And all I can say about Craig Kilborn's performance is...JUMANJI!

Dr. T: I liked Craig Kilborn as a bad guy.  He did it in Old School and it worked pretty well again here.  As for Mark Hamill, any secondary character from  Bad Santa can guest star in Chuck anytime he wants.

Eric HShameless plug alert! I've recently scene Hamill's amazing performance in my friend's feature length film debut, Sushi Girl, and am now a big fan of the adult Skywalker's work, so I very much enjoyed his cameo.  Craig Kilborn, meanwhile, can do no wrong in my eyes since I first fell for his humor as The Daily Show host.

3.  Morgan with the to a good start?

Dan F: Yeah, it allowed for Chuck to deal with all sorts of other things in his life, but it also has given quite a platform for Josh Gomez to perform.  Morgan has evolved over the last few seasons, and to see him get to this level gives me joy.  He still brings the funny, but now he can bring the pain as well.

Kris H: I thought he was pitch perfect this episode actually. It was about Chuck grappling with the loss of intersect and finding a role in the team other than the guy Volkoff gave all his money to. As it should be. Morgan was often the guy in action, but I have no problem seeing Chuck not in the missions, if it means a deeper character than the person who brings the Chuck-fu to the table. And in the premier he definitely showed his all natural Bartowski chops.

Dr. T: It was ok, I'm not sold on it.  Morgan was constantly hilarious when he was paired with Casey and allowed to be the bumbling sidekick.  Knowing that he can now zoom (I do love the name) changes the entire dynamic of their missions and this one was just okay. 

Eric H: As I said before, I was hesitant with the season finale and grew a little more confident after my time in San Diego.  Now, after witnessing the first episode, I think there can be potential for this arc.  I enjoy seeing Chuck forced to think for himself, while Morgan gets to shine a little.  As long as they never let Morgan get too comfortable and confident with his new skills.

4. What's your best cure for a pre-mature zoom!?

Dan F: Baseball is fine, but I think the best cure for the pre-mature zoom has to be Big Mike eating a Subway sandwich.  That will really take your mind off of zooming!

Kris H: A punch in the nuts.

Dr. T: Since apparently some of us want to think about Buy More employees, I would say look no further then Jeffster!

Eric H: Well, they do make pills and plenty of devices to deal with that problem, but, much like Chuck, I've been following Warrant's advice.  If I think about baseball, I'll swing all night.

5. Carmichael Industries clearly got hit hard this episode, any business advice for them? 

Dan F: How about some competent employees at the Buy More.  Maybe they will stay afloat with someone other than Jeff and Lester running the show when they rest of the crew is off on spy missions.

Kris H: Get a real businessman/woman to help run the family biz. Money matters not their strong suit apparently. Sad face. I thought Sarah Walker could do ANYTHING (I blame Sam).

Dr. T: Franchise a Subway and put it in the Buy More.  Big Mike would keep the store afloat on his own, not to mention all the additional customers they would get looking for a delicious lunch

Eric H: I tried to tell them to put away a decent chunk into munies.  They could have spent a lifetime living off that tax-free interest!  But now that they didn't heed my previous advice, my next is start taking on some terrorists as clients for that big, fat oil money.  


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