The Big Bang Theory Review: Get Your Women In Line!

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Tonight's episode of The Big Bang Theory, "The Isolation Permutation," was bipolar - from hilarious to groan-worthy. I had high hopes when I heard it would be about Bernadette and Howard's wedding, but that's because I didn't expect it to be about Amy and her insecurities.

Amy in Action

Let's start with the groan-worthy. If I have one continuous complaint in my reviews it is about Amy. In small doses, I have grown to appreciate this young woman and her role with both the girls and with Sheldon. Tonight, there was just too much Amy... the annoying Amy. In particular, I didn't laugh at all during the scenes at her lab. I found her to be whiny and irritating. Plus, the brain didn't help the situation at all.

This show is supposed to be a comedy. Make me laugh, Amy, like I did when you were playing the harp and singing, "Everybody Hurts." Or, when you slowly moved over to Sheldon, leaned on him, and then popped your legs up onto the couch. I wish the writers would focus more on the fun and quirky Amy and less on the annoying Amy.

Now to the hilarious: Sheldon. I don't think we have ever seen him get so worked up and angry about anything before. The way he stormed into the lunchroom and verbally assaulted Leonard and Howard was one of the funniest things I've ever seen on the show.

Get your women in line!

I'm not sure where the relationship between Sheldon and Amy is headed (except to know it's not in the direction of the bedroom), but he showed that he's protective of her. Well, he is to the extent that he stayed with her even though it interfered with his elaborate evening plans. That means a lot from the stuck-in-his-ways Sheldon.

While Sheldon's relationship advanced this week (whether he realizes it or not), we found out that Leonard is single again. I'd love to see Alice from last week return or for Leonard and Penny to give it another try. However, I'm pretty sure that neither will happen anytime soon.

Was I too harsh on Amy? Are you glad that Leonard and Priya are no more? Check out this week's quotes, which includes Sheldon's hilarious rant to Howard and Leonard!

The Isolation Permutation Review

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