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Psych wrapped up its fall run of episodes by welcoming Jason Priestley on board "Neil Simon's Lover's Retreat" last Wednesday.

How did our Round Table of Chandel, Barb, Emma and Nick respond to the episode? And to the first half of season six in general? Read on to find out and, as always, feel free to jump in with your own responses...


What was your favorite moment/quote from the episode?
Chandel: Probably my favorite moment from the episode was when Shawn was trying to make Gus guess his thoughts. I could tell from that very moment where the episode was going to go in that moment (i.e. the potential for a proposal) and it shows how well these two know each other. True bromance.

Barb: Favorite moment(s): every scene featuring the Henry/Gus/Lassie triumvirate. It was as if the forlorn realization that they were suddenly without the individuals who define so much of their everyday lives/interactions prompted them to cling together out of a sheer desperation that then evolved into its own entity  It created this tremendous dynamic that was monumentally fun to watch. (Major props to Carlos Jacott for writing them such phenomenal scenes.)

Emma: My favorite moment was definitely the ending, when Gus found the ring in the back of the gameboy!

Nick: Shawn trying to compliment Jules on how she looks was hilarious: "Baby, all of your facial parts are in the right spots."

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Let's say you had been in on the bet: What tricks would you have tried to get some digits?
Chandel: I'm like Lassiter, I have a significant other, so I think my efforts would have been less valiant than they could have been. I would NOT have tried the "Can you call my phone" approach. I likely would have taken innocent interest in his phone, asked to look at it, actually called my phone so the number was there without his knowledge, and passed it off as having flirted my way to getting the digits to my friends!

Barb: Something like "I'm a writer and I need a model for the leading man in my next novel... interested?" Actually, no, forget it. I can't even write that with a  straight face. I was always terrible at the bar scene; not Lassie terrible, but I'm ridiculously shy and guys never approached me in bars/clubs. Apparently, something about me gives off this vibe of "Come too close and I'll cut you."

Emma: Hmmm... I would've danced the night away.

Nick: This one is easy: "You heard about Pluto? That's messed up, right?"

How did Shawn manage to get around using Gus's credit card to buy that engagement ring?
Chandel: I am still trying to figure this one out. Gus is likely grappling with this burning questions as well. I continue to go back to the idea that Shawn has been holding back his part of their consulting fees. Clearly it's no surprise that Shawn gets a cut, and what he spends it on is no one's business but Shawn's. This is how Gus remained clueless this entire time. I think that Shawn was also unsure of how to approach Gus about it as well. Clearly the fact that Juliet put a stop to it prevented Shawn from costing Gus a heart attack, at least in Shawn's mind. Unfortunately, Gus suffered one anyway when he found the ring in Shawn's DS!

Barb: Oh, it totally wouldn't surprise me if it was revealed he's been investing or playing the market and making a killing. I mean, we're talking about an incredibly intelligent guy who wears the Village Idiot façade because it suits his purposes. He uses Gus' credit cards simply because he can.

Emma: I think Gus kind of knew, deep down, that Shawn was really using his credit card, and didn't really mind because he was using it for Jules. Either that, or Gus really doesn't keep too close of an eye on that credit card of his.

Nick: Shawn probably ended up taking out a mortgage on the Psych office. Either that or Gus' Blueberry could be in danger of being sold.

What does it mean that Shawn was about to propose to Juliet?
Chandel: It's means he's more serious about Juliet than he's ever been about anything in his life. He was willing to propose because he thought it was what she wanted. That's a big deal for Shawn. But I am soooooo glad that Juliet put the brakes on it. Shawn clearly thinks Juliet is way ahead of him in the maturity department/ready for marriage, when in fact she's a lot more like him that Shawn gives her credit for. That's what I love about their relationship.

Barb: It's the natural evolution of Shawn's "I've been thinking about getting a car" speech from "Extradition II: The Actual Extradition Part." For him, confessing that he was willing to give up his motorcycle, the purest expression of freedom he'd ever experienced, was basically akin to a proposal.

Emma: Shawn is definitely growing up (some). The fact that he actually went out and bought the ring says a lot about how much he's matured and how much Juliet has changed his life.

Nick: Gus said Shawn was growing up right before his eyes. I think Shawn probably wasn't ready to get married, but didn't want to disappoint Jules and her definite expectations.

Poor Gus! What thoughts do you think were running through his mind when he discovered that ring?
Chandel: Clearly that he should have listened all those times Shawn tried to tell him the truth. But I don't know that Gus thought Shawn really had it in him to propose. Hence the look of confusion on his face. Also, I think Gus is seriously considering his options as far as finding a girlfriend. I think he's been struggling this entire first half of season six with finding someone. It's about time we saw what it would be like for Gus to have a girlfriend as well.

Barb: A cross between betrayal, that he was left out of the loop of such a huge decision in his best friend's life, sudden understanding of what Shawn had been trying to tell him, overlaid with healthy dose of horror that Shawn has just made a quantum leap ahead of him into true adulthood. For so long, Gus has had this image of himself as the mature voice of reason with Shawn as Peter Pan, so essentially, his entire worldview has just experienced a "Holy crap!" seismic shift.

Emma: I think Gus was just dumbfounded. He just couldn't fathom that what was in front of him meant what it really meant.

Nick: Cue the Eric Carmen "All by Myself" song playing at the beginning of the episode when Shawn and Jules left Gus.

Rate the season on a scale of 1-5.
Chandel: Because this is my question, I am free to break my own rules. Therefore, 6 is the appropriate grade.

Barb: 4.5. While the episodes in and of themselves have been phenomenal, and the guest stars have been great, at the same time, I feel like the show's ability to draw such great talent has meant sacrificing some of the core cast interactions that made the show so fun to begin with. However, part of Psych's undeniable charm is its ability to go against the grain and to produce the unexpected. The show continues to move forward and push their own creative envelope in a way I truly admire.

Emma: Definitely a 5. This is the best season yet!

Nick: 5. Sad that there is a break in the season, but the Shatner episode is one of my favorites of all time.

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