The Good Wife Midseason Report Card: B-

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Over the last couple weeks - and for the next couple weeks - TV Fanatic will take the occasional break from caroling and present-opening to hand out grades to various shows at their seasonal midpoints.

Most recently, critics have awarded strong letters to both Parks and Recreation and New Girl. The next program to be evaluated by a TV Fanatic Midseason Report Card? The Good Wife.

Best Character: Eli Gold. We've met his ex-wife this season and watched Alan Cummings because a major player in The Good Wife cast. And the show is all the better for it. There are few more entertaining characters in all of television, as a mere look from Eli can leave me laughing, while an outburst of anger leaves me feeling sorry for whomever is on the receiving end... and, okay, I'm laughing here, too.

Worst Character: This is purely by default, as one of the show's strengths is its lack of any truly annoying characters. But I'll actually go with Kalinda. Season three has tilted a bit too far in her sexual direction, as every conversation she has is loaded with innuendo. I don't know if Dana is actually falling for it, or just playing along, but it would be nice, once in awhile, to see Kalinda do her job without resorting to flirtation.

Best Episode: "Executive Order 13224". A great use of guest stars (and Carrie Preston is on her way back to defend Will!), along with Alicia actually being front and center for a change. (See below.)

Worst Episode: "Parenting Made Easy." The return of Michael J. Fox? Good. The contrived set up of a non-Grace kidnapping in order to prompt an Alicia/Will break-up? Very bad.

Most Disappointing Storyline: The Will and Alicia relationship. I enjoyed their fun, flirty banter. But where was the direction here? The show spent so long building up feelings between the couple, only for Alicia to claim on the fall finale that she didn't love Will. She never seemed to take their dalliance seriously at all. Their secret romance also had too much of a soap opera feel.

Hopes for 2012: More Alicia. Did you notice that she wasn't actually involved a lot throughout the first half of the season? The focus was on integrating Eli into the office, the case against Will (which did result on a couple great Will vs. Peter scenes), the inclusion of Lisa Edelstein as his former lover. Let's hope the back half of season three brings the Good Wife herself into the fold more.

Overall Grade: B-

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