The Lying Game Review: A Tale of Two Annies

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The Lying Game wasted no time jumping right into the action on "O Twin, Where Art Thou," as it kicked off at Sutton's birthday party, with a mysterious guest and a missing twin.

When we last saw Emma she had left the birthday party under the pretense that Sutton was lurking outside. When Kristen followed her, it was revealed that it was someone named Annie. So was it Annie Hobbs, the alleged birth mother? Oddly... no.

A Missing Sister

The writers of The Lying Game have decided to introduce a new Annie. Charisma Carpenter has signed on to play Char's aunt, Annie Sewell. Only now she goes by Rebecca. I'm sure I'm not alone in thinking this was very strange. Why two Annies? 

Now every time an Annie is mentioned, we don't know which one is being referred to. If their intention was to confuse the viewers, they've definitely succeeded with me. Are we now to believe that maybe Annie Sewell was the birth mother? She does look a lot like Emma and Sutton, but perhaps it's just a red herring.

When Alec called Dr. Hughes, he mentioned that Annie was back in Phoenix, only it wasn't Annie Hobbs. So Dr. Hughes knows both Annies?!? So many questions! One thing that seemed very clear to me is that Rebecca wants to put Phyllis in rehab and get custody of Char. I can't say it seems like a bad idea, but who really knows her true intentions?

While Kristen is trying to seem welcoming, you know she is suspicious. After all, that man at the doctor's conference mentioned seeing Ted at some wild weekend in Santa Barbara with Annie. Yes, the mysteries have multiplied.

Meanwhile, Emma was pulling double duty between comforting Char and trying to find her twin. Thayer's attempt to turn her against Ethan almost worked, but Emma came to her senses and realized that they all had to work together. 

Hands down the best part of this episode was when Emma received the package. I would be so freaked out at getting an anonymous package with a piece of a dress and a threatening note. However, Ethan and Thayer recognized the package wrapping as classic Sutton and her Lying games. Is it all a rouse or do you think Sutton is really gone?

Overall, this episode wasn't full of fireworks until the end. It wasn't disappointing, though, as we needed to be brought up to speed. With the addition of Carpenter, I think this could be a very interesting season, don't you?

O Twin, Where Art Thou Review

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The Lying Game Season 1 Episode 11 Quotes

I think we all know that once Sutton gets something in her head, she doesn't give up.


Look I know how she thinks, after a fight like that, she'll regroup, she'll plan something, some kind of revenge.

Thayer [about Sutton]