The Lying Game Review: Sympathy for the Devil?

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This is the first episode of The Lying Game where we've been treated to legitimate interaction between the twins. Moreover, "Pleased to Meet Me" dropped the most answers we've ever received.

Let's start at the top: Sutton is alive. She doesn't remember anything about the car crash except that there was a guy who grabbed her from the backseat. Makes sense, she was in a car accident with a nice sized bump on her head. I wouldn't expect her to recall much.

Adrian Pasdar and Charisma Carpenter on The Lying Game

I think we're all on the same page about who was in the backseat of the car, right? Derek. Annie said she saw a young guy with dark hair and after that scene with Emma last week, Derek is definitely the guilty party. I guess it's a good thing her allegedly whacko birth mother was tailing her.

As I stated before, this is the most we've seen Sutton and Emma share the screen since the show first aired. I enjoyed it. Now, here's my latest theory. Let me know what you think...

Alec had Derek steal the computer to get intel on Sutton. He used the information on there to have Derek set it up to look like a "Lying Game." I'm not sure if I'm getting my wires crossed, but I'm pretty sure all of the past Lying Games were documented on the computer. They were definitely chronicled in the books.

Perfect cover up, huh Alec? Derek is obviously that dumb and desperate to agree to be an accomplice to an attack and possible murder. What on earth is so wrong with Alec that he was going to have his Goddaughter offed??? That guy has more than a few screws loose. 

Annie obviously woke up and freaked out when she saw Sutton gone and either assumed she left her or that she was going to have her re-committed. Alec doesn't realize that Sutton's alive but I'm sure it's only a matter of time.

So... which guy did Rebecca mess around with? Ted or Alec or both? And what do you guys think of Mads' potential new guy? How about Laurel's singing voice?

Dang! Laurel has got a great set of pipes! I loved the look she was rocking, too. I want to give a huge shoutout to reader "Meghan" for correctly guessing the cause of Justin's mother's death. Ted was the doctor on call and something distracted him. Now I just wonder what that could be.

Poor Laurel, she's been lied to and used, but I don't think I'm crazy in thinking that Justin really did grow to love her. So many bombs were dropped this week, I can't wait to hear what you all thought!

Pleased to Meet Me Review

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Somebody did try to kill me.


Did I just walk in on my own funeral? Because if so, I've gotta say the turnout kinda sucks.


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