2 Broke Girls Review: Two Balloon Girls

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After some time off, we were treated to the return of Sofi (Jennifer Coolidge) on 2 Broke Girls this week, and she was significantly toned down from our first meeting with her, but still spot on as the Polish Sofi Kachinsky. 

Right out of the gate, "And the Blind Spot" got started with Sofi and Oleg’s interaction, which was extremely well done. Oleg getting put in his place with a swift poke from a magazine (like the dog he is) was completely unexpected and pretty damn funny. 

Can They Be Maids?

However, past that, I wonder if Sofi wasn't almost over used in this case. If you look at the character like a good seasoning, just the right amount makes the whole stew better. But if you put too much in, you can ruin your stock before it’s ever finished. The interactions between Max and Sofi were enjoyable, but I missed Max and Caroline playing off each other as much as they normally do.

There was a redeeming silver lining in that the girls realized how much they have grown to depend on each other and they took a moment to acknowledge that the cupcake business would not be as far along as it was without both of them doing what they do.

I told a friend who has not watched the show yet that I saw Max and Caroline as the Felix and Oscar for the 21st Century. Where the latter were different on a more surface level (cleaning, dress, habits, etc.) Max and Caroline have taken it a step further and started showing us the emotional under-currents that influences each of them.

While I could do without the near-weekly reminder that Caroline had money and her father robbed a bunch of people, it has resulted in Caroline being willing to take work on any level and do it with a smile. How many of us could go from having anything we wanted at the snap of our fingers to sleeping on the subway and come out of it with such a positive outlook?!?

I think we all could use a little more Caroline in our lives.

Girl's Current Total: $865.00

And the Blind Spot Review

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2 Broke Girls Season 1 Episode 15 Quotes

Oleg: Your like someone supersized a Victoria Secret angel, I'd like to Gizelle on your bunchin.
Sophie: [hits him with magazine] Going to act like a dog, I'll treat you like a dog.

Max: Perfect!
Caroline: Perfect? This picture doesn't say "let us do you your kids birthday party" it says "We're an AC/DC tribute band that can be paid in cocaine.