Grey's Anatomy Review: A Heartbroken Hospital

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Valentine’s Day came early to Seattle Grace and it wasn’t too kind, as Grey’s Anatomy returned from alternate reality with "All You Need Is Love." With this many doctors and their constant drama, it was bound to get ugly.

Many things went down, so let’s get to discussing. What couples made it through the Hallmark Holiday and who crashed and burned?

Lexie the Babysitter

Case Time. V-Day brought out the love and the patients felt the wrath. A boyfriend died before popping the question and two 10-year olds brought the cuteness. Leave it to Grey’s to hit you with sadness one minute and make you smile the next minute.

Time to make this clear. Alex Karev is without a doubt the best peds doctor ever! When he read that letter to the peanut butter girl, my heart skipped a little bit. I know I’m not alone in that. Time to rally and let Shondaland know that this man needs a love interest and quick.

Happy Hearts. Looks like the McCouple is back in all their perfect glory and it is awesome. Case in point:

Mer Der Lovin'

Elsewhere, Callie pulled a super sweet move by taking Arizona to the trailer. These two either get too much screen time or not enough. This issue makes you forget how enjoyable it is to watch a functioning couple sometimes.

Meanwhile, Ben knows his girl and made the perfect plans for Mandi Miranda. So cute it almost makes you hate them. Almost. Not really, of course.

Making A Move. Little Grey, it is about time! Lexie, accompanied by good luck charm Zola, made her way over to Mark’s apartment. The play date idea was genius and a talk was overdue with these two. Too bad Jackson was already there. It’s looking like the love triangle lives on. Avery needs a new girl; someone with eyes as beautiful as his so Mark and Lexie can work it out.

Best Friends Enemies. Teddy brought the heat down on Owen, letting him know exactly where he stands with her. Besides the fact that she is a new widow grieving the loss of her husband, Altman has earned the right to snap out. 

There is a love/relationship with Owen. He was able to bring the human side back out of Cristina but he has now taken it out of Teddy. Granted, he hid the fact that her husband was dead so she could perform a surgery. Kim Raver gave an incredible performance when she lost Henry and she has kept that up. She is finally bringing some life to a character that needed it.

Callie and Arizona Image

I'm Moving Out.” Owen dropped the biggest bombshell with his plan to move out. Since Zola’s birthday party, these two have been walking on eggshells. Of course the blow out led them to this place and it is time to go their separate ways... at least for a little while. Cristina needs to get back to being her bad ass self and Owen needs to figure out what he really wants. Should these two work things out?

Small Incisions:

  • Richard and Adele = Heartbreaking. Only Shonda can make you have anxiety over the deterioration of a semi-regular cast member.
  • Best conversation goes to Webber and Lexie for their exchange about hitting the town. Hands down the best quote of the hour.
  • Where Do Broken Hearts Go? Found the answer for you, Whitney, and it looks like it’s the boiler room at SGH.
After an entertaining, although different, alternate reality episode, Grey’s hit the nail on the head with a solid hour of television here. While Cupid was off making moves, us viewers were left with questions.
Zola's Folks

Are Cristina and Owen splitting up? Will Lexie come clean to Mark about her feelings? With Jackson being behind on his studying, will he be the one who doesn’t make it through? Is the road about to get rough for Richard and Adele?

With that said, hit the comments section and let us know what you thought about the hour. Don’t forget to check back for the GA Round Table later in the week and have a Happy Valentine’s Day, Grey’s fans!

All You Need Is Love Review

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