One Tree Hill Round Table: "Don't You Want to Share the Guilt?"

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We were all treated to another riveting episode of One Tree Hill’s final season last Wednesday.  Chelsea Kane’s Tara was introduced, Clay and Quinn had a run in with a drug dealer, and something horrible may have happened to Nathan Scott.

Our panel of Nick McHatton, Miranda Wicker, Brian Shure, and Dan Forcella tackle those subjects and more in the most recent installment of the TV Fanatic Round Table.  Read their answers below and then leave your own in the comments!


What was the funniest moment from the episode?

Nick: Clay and Quinn vs. the drug dealer. I'm sorry. I can't take them seriously, at all. I also thoroughly enjoyed Brooke being old Brooke for a little while in the competition's cafe, striking fear into Mouth and Skills.

Miranda: This was a pretty heavy episode, so funny is hard! I'll go with the guys at the bar one-upping each other. 

Brian: Finding out "not-Alex" is Chris Keller's girlfriend. It wasn't really a moment, but having Skills back on the show is a huge plus.

Dan: I'll jump on Brian's Skills love with the funniest moment being him flat out saying to Mouth, "You fat."

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We saw the first scene from the premiere's "flash forward" (Clay/Quinn fight).  Any new thoughts on this story telling device?

Nick: If it was for anyone other than Clay and Quinn, I would love it. Sadly, their characters are terrible.

Miranda: Honestly, I'd kind of forgotten that was in the opening sequence. That's how much I care about Clay and Quinn. As a story-telling device though, it works. I like that we're on the hunt for these scenes now.

Brian: Honestly the opening scene in the premiere was the only redeemable moment from this whole Clay/Quinn angle. I liked the idea of what the writers were trying to do with the flash forward, however nothing can save this storyline.

Dan: While I also could care less about the Clinn story, the fact that we finally saw one scene from the "flash forward" does make things interesting.  We are now going to be anxiously awaiting the rest of them.  How will Chase end up in the cop car?  When will Dan and Chris Keller hook up?

What are your first impressions of Tara?

Nick: It's the girl from that Disney Channel show! I like Chase's character, and anything that gives him something to do (poor choice of words, Nick. Poor choice of words) is just fine in my book.

Miranda: Lame. Why are we introducing a new character when there are only nine episodes left. And Chris Keller's girl? No way. Chris Keller doesn't believe in monogamy.

Brian: She seems like trouble, but no complaints here. Good pull by Chase, and it seems like Chris Keller deserves what’s coming to him.

Dan: Well I've been a fan of hers since she was Chelsea Staub playing Joe Jonas's love interest, so I've been awaiting her arrival for months now.  While agree there isn't a general need to introduce new characters with so little time left in the series, with the departure of Alex - and no Mia in sight - we needed something for Chase to do before the show ends.

Who took Nathan, and why?

Nick: I want to say Dan did somehow, but would Dan really be that cruel to his own son?

Miranda: I'm not sure who actually took him, but Dan's behind it. I think the drug dealer in the park is a red herring so we'll think Nathan's disappearance is related to the dealer-Dan showdown. Gah. Dan Scott. Father of the Year, people!

Brian: As I said last week, Dan is going to find a way to stay in Nathan's house. They want you to think Dan is behind this, but I just don't see it. I think he has changed and whatever happened to Nate, Dan will be the one who saves the day, again. I'll go with the drug dealer being behind this.

Dan: I said in my review that Dan is a very likely choice, but I don't feel like that is the move they will make.  The man needs to have some sort redemption, right?  What is the point of bringing him back for the final season if it is just to do something almost as awful as killing his own brother?

Who tops your One Tree Hill Relationship Rankings?

Nick: Brooke and Julian. So much of the heart and humor revolve around them, and without them I don't think I would still be watching the show.

Miranda: Nathan + Haley = 4eva!! They are the original OTH couple and have definitely earned their place at the top of my list of OTH relationships.

Brian: It's extremely early but at the moment, I'll go with Chase and Tara. Chase has grown into a major character this season, coming a long way from Stephen Colletti's Laguna days.

Dan: I like the optimism Brian, but it is sooooo early to be making the Chot Alex call.  Naley topped my rankings this week, but overall Brulian is my favorite couple.  They bring the most to the table week in and week out.

Dan Forcella is a TV Fanatic Staff Writer. Follow him on Twitter.

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