One Tree Hill Round Table: "The Killing Moon"

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They did not find Nathan, Haley and Dan blew up at each other, and the old Brooke Davis went nuts on the new Tree Hill Café.

It’s time for our panel of Miranda Wicker, Brian Shure, Nick McHatton and Dan Forcella to tackle those subjects and more in the weekly installment of the One Tree Hill Round Table.

Read their answers below, and then leave your own in the comments!


What was your favorite moment from the episode?

Miranda: My favorite moment has to go to one of the lighter ones; Jamie thinking Clay might be a werewolf and testing him with the silver coin. The episodes are getting heavier and heavier so the moments of exhale are nice (and necessary) additions.

Brian: I'm going to have to go with the encounter between Dan and Haley. This was brewing from the second Nate went missing and it was only a matter of time before Haley started to question his motives. For the record, she is wrong but who could blame her reaction based on the situation and Dan's past.

Nick: Brooke's speech saying she used to be a bitch just to be a bitch, but now she's a bitch for her friends and family. I absolutely loved it, and it's great to see the humorous side to B. Davis again.

Dan: My favorite moment had to be when Chris Keller uttered such nice things about Haley and Nathan to the police officer so they would start looking for Nathan sooner.  I love when bad guys do good things, so this was so refreshing.

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Did you believe Dan's plea to Haley?

Miranda: Someone said in the comments last week that it's unlikely that Dan's responsible because surely the writers will want to redeem him by the end. I watched with that thought in mind and I still think Dan knows something. His plea to Haley about knowing nothing regarding Nathan's disappearance rang incredibly false to me. And too much time seems to have passed between when he was given the baseball and the picture and when he set the diner fire for Nathan to still be vulnerable, as Dan claimed. I believe pretty much none of what he says.

Brian: Yes, 100 percent. As I said last week, Dan has nothing to do with Nate's disappearance. I believe once again Dan Scott will save the day for his family and get Nathan back, finally giving him the redemption he so desperately seeks.

Nick: I kind of do? Dan is an evil man, and he's been evil to a lot of people, including his own children. But ever since Jamie has been in the picture I don't believe he's ever been cruel to his children. His grandchildren changed him.

Dan: I do.  I agree with Miranda that it feels like he's not being 100% truthful, but I believe in his plea.  I believe he has good intentions for his family at this point.  Maybe it was the introduction of his grandchildren.  A second chance for a new generation?

Better Brooke Davis moment; her "first of all, eww" to Chase, or dismantling Tree Hill Cafe?

Miranda: Dismantling the cafe!!! That's some crazy angry rage and is way more awesome than her "Eww." Way. Plus, it's another scene from the flash forward (or is it back? Are we flashed back right now??) that we can check off the list. 

Brian: The "first of all, eww" moment was one of the best lines from the episode. It was a great scene which exposed the Chase/Tara relationship, and brought out a little of the old Brook Davis. I also totally forgot about the whole Brooke/Chase thing a bunch of seasons ago.

Nick: Dismantling the cafe. The queen bitch is back and I'm loving it!

Dan: I think the few minutes from the premiere were a "flash forward" as we should consider the majority of the season "real time."  Anyway, I enjoyed the "Eww" moment a lot.  Her going ape shit on the cafe was great, but nothing beats some good Brooke Davis sass.

Were you at all surprised that Chris Keller let Chuck down after he was so heroic for Haley at the police station?

Miranda: I wasn't surprised at all that Chris Keller didn't go meet Chuck's dad. It was a total Chris Keller move. He helped Haley because somehow helping her helps himself. Chris Keller is nothing if not an opportunist.

Brian: Not in the slightest. He may have changed a little, but in the end Chris Keller only cares about himself. Plus the way the Chuck/Chris Keller storyline was unfolding, it was only a matter of time before he let him down.

Nick: Not really, Keller has always had a soft spot for a way only Chris Keller could. So him letting down everyone else wasn't surprising.

Dan: Yeah I wasn't surprised that he reverted to normal Chris Kellerisms, but I think there is time for Chris Keller too to redeem himself fully.

As you may know, Lucas Scott is making his way back to Tree Hill in a couple weeks.  Why do you think he's coming home?

Miranda: I am honestly clueless about this one. It's NOT Dan behind Nathan's disappearance and it's actually someone still holding a grudge against both brothers?? A book signing?? I have no idea. I just wish his hair wouldn't be as awful as it's going to be.

Brian: I imagine he will resurface as a result of both Nate being missing and Dan Scott taking on a significant role back with his family, which he will not be too pleased with.

Nick: Well he is Haley's best friend so I assume she needs him now more than ever, since Nathan is missing and Dan is circling the water around her.

Dan: In response to all of your answers, I must say, there has been crisis before.  I understand it's a matter of getting the actor to come back for a few episodes, but sometimes it's difficult to accept that Lucas wouldn't have made the trip back before now for some of the good and bad things that have happened since he's left.

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