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Grammy Gallagher blew us away on last week's five star episode of Shameless. In the latest installment, meanwhile ("A Bottle of Jean Nate") Grammy continued to stun us with her shifty ways. 

The only thing shadier than Grammy's actions is the fact that Frank is putting actual effort into taking care of her. Sure, he may complain and want to have her locked up, but when it comes down to it Grammy is really the only one with any pull over Frank.

Ian and Lip

I hadn't realized Grammy was that sick that she was wearing diapers. Last week she seemed like she was still able to be out and about a little bit. She was able to threaten a young surgeon, hit up The Alibi, and teach a 10-year old how to make meth, so is changing her own Depends or powdering her own boobs that much more rigorous?

Just wondering, obviously, as there's much more to be discussed about the latest episode than Grammy's bathroom situation. I'm guessing she knew she was sick with Pancreatic cancer all along, but didn't want to tell anybody. Last week she mentioned her medication a time or two, but seemed to dismiss any worry.

Stage 4 cancer or not, she still knows how to work it more than Stan. Poor guy will be better off in an old folk's home. If it weren't for Kev, he could've drowned or burned down the apartment. He also could've walked into the street in only a jock strap, but that's really only hard to look at.

Speaking of hard to look at, Jody really grossed me out this week. And no, not because he likes to listen to Seal during sex; whatever floats your boat, man. In the past I was never really bothered by Jody, just thought he was a dud and almost felt bad for him for getting stuck with Karen's psychosis. I think Karen finally realized that Jody was an excuse for her to get over Lip and she was never that into him.

Obviously she knew he was Mr. Sensitive and she seemed to like that. Maybe it was his O face or the crying after sex that did her in? Either way, Lip was right there to swoop back in. Although it is slightly telling that he wasn't able to stay erect, I'm sure he's a little freaked out by everything. This is ironic considering Lip seems to be shaken by nothing. I'm so happy he and Ian finally made up.

Fiona and V are both very good at hiding emotions when they are rattled by something, but as you could see it only takes so much to break them. Not even the sight of Steve in a thong could make her laugh a little bit. She's too betrayed and heartbroken. I am on her side, but am still rooting for Steve to somehow make it right.

Jasmine is bananas. I totally didn't see that coming about Hal and David both dumping her. Then, she has the nerve to get mad at Fiona for not being able to put her up?!? Hello? Has she ever taken a look around while at the Gallagher house? Where did she think she'd be sleeping? Well, now we know she was hoping she'd sleep in Fiona's bed, but that isn't happening. It just goes to show that V was right about her.

Jasmine is obviously one of those friends who acts generous and selfless until the second they need something from you. Fiona never asked for her money or clothes, those were things that Jasmine offered. Now we realize it was probably her way of making sure she could pull favors in the future. Girl, you cheated on your husband, Fiona has her own problems.

Kevin's concern for Ethel is sweet and I hope he and V end up having a baby of their own. I also hope somebody can tutor Carl so that he isn't cooking meth in the basement for the rest of his life. What did you all think? Did this episode measure up to Grammy's insane arrival last week? 

A Bottle of Jean Nate Review

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Shameless Season 2 Episode 7 Quotes

Kevin: How can you be so cold about this?
V: Because she hurt my Kev, and nobody hurts my Kev.

You f*ck girls with that thing?

Grammy [to Lip]