Archer Review: Robocop. Pro or con?

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Fresh off the return of Barry and his master plan last Thursday, "Skin Game" introduced Archer's second cyborg during a lovely vacation to Krieger's transitional neighborhood this week.

Katya is Back

After our trip to the neighborhood that scared off crack dealers, I'm not convinced I could love Krieger any more. The dude not only wears flesh-colored suit (unless you're black) while scuba diving, he straight up became Dr. Franenkrieger this week.

Much like Sterling, I never saw the return of Katya coming. I may not have liked her the first time around, but 2.0 brought a much wittier addition, complete with all her witty computer references. Her special place. Her C-Drive. I think I get it.

Ironically, Katya was also more human here. We finally got to know more than the slutty dressed pair of boobs that Archer fell in love with.

She might have been less irritating the first time if she had bonding moments with Lana over roadmaps to vaginas and more references to my favorite line of, how do you say, to push a rope?

But really, the thing that made her human, was her fall from the perfection when she did the dance with Barry.  

And poor Archer. Guy had his heart broken twice. Between this and the electrolux incident, he'll never trust a robot again. Not even Malory could give that much of a smug "I told you so" to the devastated guy.

Not to sound too insensitive, but I won't be shedding any saline lubricant solution if our two cyborgs don't live happily ever after. I need me some Barry every few episodes.

Luckily, based on The Graduate ending, I'm sure we'll be seeing them again. Until then, some of my stray observations:

  • No one hates surprise fellatio. Except for maybe the Midnight Cowboy kind. Only because I've never seen the flick.
  • Wait, why did you emphasize  serial? Oh that's right. This is the same host of shock bum fights.
  • Happiness. Who knew something other than homeless people could give Krieger an erection?
  • Neil Peart may stand alone, but that's still one impressive drum set.
  • Frank Sinatra and Peter Lawford? Was Cyril's grandfather some member of the rat pack? Man that apple fell from the tree.
  • Speaking of apples, obscure reference goes to Ira Flatow. From Newton's Apple. So obscure, Archer had to tell us.
  • Man that Woodhouse is impressive. Poaching eggs and cleaning vaginas.  What can't he do?
  • Hah, Krieger was the father of the bride. Get it?
  • Wow that hobo has some nice skin! Also, it vibrates.
So Robcop. Pro or con? Definitely pro in my book. Your thoughts on the return of Katya?

Skin Game Review

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