Awake Review: The Constant Confusion of Duality

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"Oregon" once again took us back primarily to Rex’s reality, and in the process we get a little more insight into two of the more important relationships in Britten’s life: Hannah and Freeman.

In "Oregon"

Hannah continues her process of moving on with her life, preferably as far away as possible from their current home and lifestyle. And, for once, I agree with Dr. Lee and his assessment of all of it: with everything Hannah is doing, and all of the choices she’s making, when things in life begin falling back into place will Britten have a part in it?

As always, it seems Dr. Lee’s concerns always have some kind of flaw that is never acknowledged, and this time he failed to see where Hannah places Britten in her life. Britten isn’t someone she would leave behind if she packed up and left; she wants him to come with her. She doesn’t want to leave him. Everything she loves about Rex she sees in him every day.

Will they move to Oregon? Probably not, the show is already complex enough as it is. Do we, and Britten, need another change of scenery to keep track of? It’s still nice, however, to see that even though they suffered a terrible loss Hannah and Britten are still committed to working on their marriage, trying to find a place where they can begin to heal and be happy together.

Aside from Rex and Hannah, Freeman probably has the best relationship with Britten. They’ve been partners for years, and there’s a level of trust there that possibly rivals family. This is the first episode since Britten’s accident that we’ve gotten to see how much of Britten’s newfound hunches have strained their relationship.

Even Freeman acknowledges that he’s no longer on equal footing with Britten since the crash. This strain and the leaps that Britten takes without any input from his partners eventually came to a head tonight, as Britten became the prime suspect in the Gemini case.

Let’s get right to the chase: the Gemini killer. I’ve had a chance to really mull around and gather my thoughts about him, and I still can’t. There’s so much to think about, and so many complexities to him and how he fits into the world. (No wonder the writers asked for extra time from the studio to get everything together). He knows what Britten can do, and it sounds like he could potentially be the Joker to Britten’s Batman, but here’s where I keep getting a few hang ups:

It’s still only in the Green reality, so why is he heading to Oregon and why is it important he know about Britten’s secret?

Is he planting the idea in Britten so he can become an adversary in a dream? Maybe. Britten doesn’t know he’s going to Oregon, so why is it important he know about the secret?

It seems the answer lies in Gemini. Gemini is the sign of twins, of two, of duality.

That opens him up for speculation. Maybe he can cross over like Britten can, or maybe he has a twin that will eventually come face to face with Britten in the red reality who will eventually put the pieces together about Britten as well. However it happens, hopefully we’ll get to it sooner rather than later... along with the conspiracy element as well. Because Awake doesn’t have enough balls in the air already in this juggling act.

Real Reality Check

It almost goes without saying who this week’s winner is: Green. It’s hard to look past a serial killer who now knows at least partly how Britten got so close to catching him. Harper also made an appearance in the Green reality this week as well, so at least we know she isn’t contained to red.

Oregon Review

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