Justified Round Table: "Measures"

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Alliances were forged, body counts rose and Art remained hilarious on the latest episode of Justified.

Who will actually bring down Quarles? What will happen to the money stashed somewhere in Limehouse's holler? TV Fanatic staff members Matt Richenthal, Jim Garner and Dan Forcella are joined here by TVAddict.com writer Tiffany Vogt to discuss those topics and more...


What was your favorite scene from the episode?
Matt: The final one, only because of what it represented on Justified. No other shows plays with so many pieces of a puzzle, moving them around flawlessly from week to week and not relying on the simple lines of good versus evil. The most fascinating alliances and feuds are often between villains and this Dickie/Boyd partnership is bound to be yet another one when they team up next week.

Jim: There were so many good moments, but I have to go with Raylan and the two thugs from Detroit in the bar. He hasn't even finished his first cup of coffee and he already had chuckle-heads to deal with, and he did it with such style. I can see why you have a man-crush on him Dan!

Dan: Yes, my man-crush on Raylan remains, but my favorite moment had to be how Quarles acted with the first pair of drug dealers. Witnessing him act so twitchy, and then turn back into the ruthless killer we know he is, was awesome. His "what a dick!" was the icing on the drug-induced, ruthless cake.

Tiffany: It’s a tie between Art shooting the mob hitman in the leg and when Art was trying to give “fatherly” advice to Raylan.  oth really allowed Nick Searcy a chance to shine and it is cool when he shows that he’s not just the boss behind-the-desk. He can be bad-ass when he needs to and he can be a friend when you don’t expect it. Loved it!

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Who is going to kill Robert Quarles?
Matt: It has to be Raylan. 

Jim: Poor Quarles needs one of those "take a number" machines attached to his butt. So many people are lining up to help him see the world from the wrong side of the grass. At this point, it's anyone''s guess who will actually do him in.

Dan: I like Duffy's chances. I know he gets more money for getting him alive, but when it comes down to it, killing Quarles might be his only option.

Tiffany: It would seem fitting for Raylan to get the honors given how much Quarles has made his life a living Hell this season. But I suspect that Boyd may just get the jump on Quarles and that would be awesome and fitting too. Quarles is just so arrogant. He really doesn’t see Boyd as a threat. Gotta love how villains are always underestimating each other. Makes for some fascinating drama and dynamics.

Where is Limehouse's money hidden? And who is going to end up with it?
Matt: It's not Limehouse's money! It's Dickie's! How dare you disrespect the Bennetts in such a manner! I don't know where it's hidden, but I predict no one ends up with it. Boyd blows it into tiny shreds via a stick of dynamite.

Jim: I'm betting that crafty bastard has it hidden in with his pigs. I mean, who would look under a pig pen for money?

Dan: I like the pig pen call, but how hilarious would it be if it actually ended up being under the church? I think Dickie Bennett sneaks away with it while Raylan, Boyd, Quarles and the rest are caught up fighting with each other.

Tiffany: Since Limehouse loves being in the butcher shop, the money has got to be hidden there. He’d want it close by to keep an eye on it and it is the last place anyone would ever suspect.

What are the chances that the bartender stays with Raylan for the next year or so?
Matt: The next year or so?!? What are the chances Raylan is alive in a year or so? Lindsay herself would be irritated by this question. She isn't looking to lock herself down a marshal. She's just looking to get herself some of that marshal in between his morning coffee, evening whiskey and afternoon shoot-outs.

Jim: Holy cow, she had Raylan's head spinning. She really doesn't pull any punches when it comes to making it clear that she got what she wanted and fully plans to get it again. She had my favorite line, too: I think you’re gonna to apologize again for not giving me a full accounting of every second of your life before you heartlessly accepted the gift of my feminine virtue.

Dan: Yeah, she has certainly made a nice first impression, but I don't think this will last. Raylan will get caught up with something new, and she'll pass on his nonsense.

Tiffany: The odds are not in her favor. Raylan is just not one of those guys who women stick around for. He’s a trouble magnet and any smart woman knows to get out while things are good and they are still alive.

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