Family Guy Review: Roaring 20's Tidal Wave!

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Stewie found the perfect woman, er... baby girl... for him in "Mr. and Mrs. Stewie." He's a psychopath set on world domination, and well, so is she.

Of course, people who seem perfect usually aren't, and she winds up being a bit too murderous, as she wants Brian out of the picture when he threatens to put a kibosh on their budding romance.

Stewie Has a Girlfriend!

Of course, he kinda has a point, because the episode shows how when paired up with someone similar who also has the drive to get things done, Stewie is deadly. To humanity.

The show was casual in listing the destruction they had caused. Causing nuclear war to take out the entire Middle East with a fake note from India to Pakistan? Sure, why not. Taking out Copenhagen with a tidal wave with surfing flapper girls? That better be canon!

The sitcom, naturally, played on familiar notes regarding the Brian/Stewie relationship: sure, Stewie's annoyed by some of the things he does and thinks he's a terrible writer (he almost murdered him because of that!) but he does ultimately love him. So, when Penelope does try to take out Brian, Stewie is willing to fight for him.

It was entertaining to see Stewie get a long fight sequence against another baby, though it wasn't as long and drawn-out as any of the Giant Chicken fights. But at least it featured a science-fiction twist to it with the weapons they were using.

The B plot of the episode, Peter trying to find someone to cuddle with, seemed to just be there and gone. Peter crushes Lois in their sleep, Peter and Quagmire end up cuddling, Lois misses Peter, Peter crushes Quagmire. The circling around was predictable, but amusing. Of course, there was the other note of the commented-upon homoeroticism of the whole situation.

Few of the cutaway scenes were really all that funny or memorable, and I know none of them had me in stitches. In fact, Meg's brief scene in the episode was probably the funniest thing not related to the main Stewie plot. This was far from the best of Family Guy, but far from the worst, too.

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Mr. and Mrs. Stewie Review

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