House Season Finale Pics: Does Everybody Die?

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The House series finale is almost upon us.

Following an episode that changed the game for Chase, fans are awaiting word on Wilson's cancer diagnosis. Is he out of the woods? Will he be a goner? To whom, exactly, does the final episode title of "Everybody Dies" refer?

The following pictures might be worthy of a SPOILER ALERT, considering the characters they depict and the states in which these characters are in. But you really never know. House has been known to include some fantasy sequences in the past.

So click through below at your own risk, check out the official promo for next Monday's "Holding On" and decide: do you think anyone will die?

Doctor House Photo
House Series Finale Photo
Happy Wilson
House in the Hallway
Concern for House
James LeGros on House
The House Swan Song
Foreman and Wilson

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