Private Practice Round Table: "Drifting Back"

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Welcome back to TV Fanatic's Private Practice Round Table!

Our Private Practice review broke down last Tuesday's "Drifting Back," in detail. Now, TVF staff writers Christina Tran and Carissa Pavlica join newcomers Caitlyn Castro and Jarrod Mitchell for a Round Table Q&A.

Read their answers below and weigh in with yours!


1. What was your favorite quote or scene from this week’s Private Practice episode?

Jarrod: The talk between Jake and Amelia. It was sweet, insightful and caring. I just hope Shonda doesn't show any love investment between them. I liked my Jaddison kiss at the end and would like for that to have more investment.

Caitlin: Again, it wasn't exactly an episode that blew me away so I didn't think any scene was particularly spectacular. But as a huge Charlotte and Cooper shipper, I did enjoy their office sex. Especially the way Cooper said "Awesome". And the Jaddison kiss was pretty great, too!

Carissa: Most definitely Addison walking over to Jake, sitting on his lap and planting a kiss on him. Most definitely.

Christina: This one goes to Jake: “I see that we're all in it together, and I think I'm good with that.”

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2. Sheldon's back. Were you as excited as everyone else at the practice or could care less like Amelia?

Jarrod: I was excited to have Sheldon back, but I could care less about his character not having a storyline. I thought we were in for something exciting and it turns out that we get nothing. I'm not sure if the writers just wanted some drama between Sheldon and Amelia or what, but come next season, Sheldon better get something!

Caitlin: I'm kind of disappointed with how he came back. I really thought the ex-wife thing would mean a short arc for Sheldon, but it delivered nothing for the character except that he wasn't there for Amelia when she needed him. He practically spent the hour running after people asking about her and he got nowhere. I feel as though they just made him leave to give Amelia a reason to really lean on Jake.

Carissa: Amelia cared more than anyone. She would never admit it for as hurt as she was, but she needed him like never needed anyone before and she was so hurt. That's why she pretended she didn't care that he was back. I love Sheldon, I was as happy as the rest of them to see him back at the practice.

Christina: I was excited, but it was a total letdown for him to not really have anything going on once again. Then again, I think that this season has had so many strong arcs that an actual storyline for Sheldon should take place next season.

3. Cooper and Charlotte have been getting it on at the office lately. Is it time for them to catch baby fever?

Jarrod: As much as I'd like a CharCoop baby, I think that Mason is enough for now. They're already adapting to life with a 9 year old. Come next season, Shonda can throw in all the babies she wants. Although, I have this feeling that Shonda won't make babies between these two easy. As you can tell, she has a thing about making people barren.

Caitlin: That's definitely what I'm hoping for! I think it's the next best thing for them especially after how Charlotte's really become a mother to Mason. They've been through a lot this season so hopefully this will be their happy ending for the season.

Carissa: It's still a possibility, but they had much of the story this season, so I think their next big story will come with a new season.

Christina: I’m with Carissa on this one. My favorite couple is CharCoop and I’d love for the writers to go there, but I feel like the baby craze is off the charts already with this season. I’d love to see Charlotte pregnant next season! I mean even Kadee Strickland wants the same thing!

4. Harder to believe: Violet is finally putting her house on the market or someone at Seaside Wellness will actually face consequences?

Jarrod: That's a trick question. I expected that house to go on to Lucas' grandchildren until one day it blew up from the meth lab inside it. In regards to Pete, I have no words. I respect what he did as a doctor, but did he think of his family? What impact it may have? He says he loves his son and wants to be there when he gets older. Good luck doing that when you're serving a life sentence.

Caitlin: It was about time Violet put that house up for sale so I'd have to say that it's surprising for one of the doctors to actually face consequences for their actions. The last time we saw something like this happen was with Cooper back in season three but that didn't really reflect on him as a doctor nor jeopardize the practice/hospital. What Pete did definitely does and Charlotte didn't really have a choice.

Carissa: Someone will actually face consequences. But oh happy day it was Pete!!!

Christina: Violet finally putting her house on the market. My home is nearly brand new and I had some minor water damage recently. That alone made me want a new house. Seriously, what has taken her SO long?

5. Pete was arrested. What happens next?

Jarrod: An obvious slap on the wrist. Over the years, we've learned that Sam killed a pedophile on his table. Cooper was aiding and abetting someone who kidnapped his son. Charlotte was addicted to drugs and ran a woman off the road. Amelia practically assisted in her friend’s suicide. Not to mention, Pete and Sam both assisted in euthanasia in a patient back in Season 2. I'm not saying that Addison, Violet, Sheldon, Naomi, Jake and Dell (may he R.I.P) are all in the clear, as I'm sure they've got skeletons in their past, but if you think about; do any of these characters actions have consequences that don't relate to their personal lives?

Caitlin: Hoping for two things. One is that it just further proves that he and Violet don't work out and they should stop trying to force something that just isn't going to happen. And another is that this doesn't get resolved in the season finale. It shouldn't be so easy for him to get out of this and I think it should be one of the things left hanging as the season ends.

Carissa: He goes to prison and gets written off the show. He's always been so self-righteous and annoying. Bye bye, Pete. Hope you spend more time in the pen than Dr. House.

Christina: I want Pete to face real repercussions. Whatever they may be, he can’t get away with… murder. Maybe he will lose his license to practice medicine, written off the show, and then sail away with Violet in tow. The only thing I'd hardly miss is Lucas. They just never showed enough of him.

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