Burn Notice Round Table: "Mixed Messages"

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Burn Notice introduced a blast from Michael's past on last Thursday's new episode, "Mixed Messages."

How did our Round Table team of Miranda Wicker, Jim Garner, Christine Orlando, Carla Day and Chandel Charles react to the latest developments on this USA smash. Find out below and then chime in with your take...


What was your favorite scene from the episode?
Miranda: Oh, by far it was Fiona nearly starting a prison riot with a magazine and a double A battery! How very MacGuyver of her!

Jim: I have to go with the awesome slow-motion action of Fiona beating up DB and her cronies. I want a poster of that slide through the smoke, it was awesome!

Christine: I loved Fiona's fight scene but I enjoyed her letter even more. It conveyed such desperation and how Michael is still the reason she's holding on. It set the tone for the entire show.

Carla: Fiona's takedown in the prison was a great scene. Another one I loved was when Jesse was able to manipulate the situation with the traitor DEA agent and the team followed his lead.

Chandel: Definitely Fiona beating up those girls in the cell block. She's so BA!

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Do you think Michael should trust his old mentor Tom Card?
Miranda: No. It's clear that after Michael was burned Card had only his own interests in mind. Why should he suddenly be on Michael's side now? I think Michael's wise to keep the circle of people he trusts incredibly small.

Jim: What's the old saying about keeping friends close and enemies closer? I think Michael should keep Tom close and not trust him too quickly. A big test is to see if he comes through on getting Michael a visit with Fiona as he agreed to.

Christine: Heck no, but at the moment there aren't many people he can trust. He needs someone on the inside to help him with Fiona and sometimes you just have to work with the devil you know.

Carla: Michael shouldn't trust anyone other than his mother, Sam and Fiona. Everyone else in his life has their own motives and will use Michael to achieve their own goals. That includes his brother.

Chandel: Well, it depends on whether or not he actually gets that visitation for Michael. Then I'll be more willing to pass judgment on that front.

Has Michael lost his objectivity and begun taking risks he shouldn't?
Miranda: I don't know that he's taking risks that he shouldn't take, but he's definitely taking more risks. He's always played things as safe as possible and avoiding casualties has been his MO. But the stakes are bigger here since Fiona's on the line. Because the stakes are bigger, the risks are too.

Jim: Tough call. I think so. I don't think he felt this lost even when he first got burned, so he is really flailing around a bit trying and we can see it does not agree with him.

Christine: I think the objective has changed. It's now all about saving Fiona and that changes things. He'll push things farther because the stakes are personal.

Carla: As others have mentioned, he is taking greater risks. He will do more to save Fiona or the people he cares about than he would ever to save himself. But, I don't think he has lost his objectivity. He knows what he is doing and why.

Chandel: I think that when it comes to Fiona, Michael is always going to take more risks than he normally might. So far, however, I think this is normal.

Who do you think is blackmailing Nicole into trying to kill Fiona?
Miranda: I wouldn't be surprised if it's an inside job and someone at the CIA wants her dead so they can attempt to control Michael, maybe even Pearce herself. Like Card said, Fiona was always a liability for him because of her criminal past.

Jim: I'm going to guess Anson. He seems to have the clout to pull this off and given that Fiona broke his hold on Michael by turning herself in, he would have no trouble doling out some murder in return.

Christine: I'd go with Anson but it depends how much he wants to torture Michael.  If she's still alive then he can use her as a pawn against Michael.  If she's dead then that game is played out.  Perhaps it's someone at the CIA who simply wants Michael to move on.

Carla: Could be so many people. My guess is that it doesn't have anything to do with Michael at all. Instead, it is the beginning of a new mystery and adversary. It is someone from Fiona's past that is using the opportunity to take her out.

Chandel: I can't possibly imagine who could be behind that. It was certainly a shock, and I wish I knew!

Did you miss Agent Pearce this week?
Miranda: Until just now, I hadn't noticed she was missing, so I guess that's a "no" for me.

Jim: I did. Then again, I'm hoping for a Jesse/Pearce hookup so I'm always on the look out for Pearce.

Christine: I like her but I can't say I missed her.  She needs a bigger role if I'm going to care about her.

Carla: Didn't realize she wasn't on the episode until mentioned here. So ... I guess not.

Chandel: No, because I know next week she'll be back with a vengeance.

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Burn Notice Season 6 Episode 2 Quotes

Michael: You said she would ruin my life.
Tom: In my defense, I didn't know so many people would be lining up to ruin your life.

Tom: Let me make this clear right up front. You screw this up there will be no life line, no safety net. It will be just you and me with our asses flapping in the wind. How does that sound to you?
Michael: Sounds like a risk I'm willing to take.