Burn Notice Round Table: "Scorched Earth"

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Following a 183-day hiatus, Burn Notice Season 6 kicked off with a strong premiere last Thursday.

What did you think of "Scorched Earth?" In our inaugural Burn Notice Round Table, panelists Christine Orlando, Miranda Wicker, Jim Garner and Carla Day relive the opening episode and sound off on the best scenes, Anson as the show's key villain and a lot more...


What was your favorite scene from the premiere?
Christine: I loved the scene at the end where Fiona studies the photos. I was a little worried she was going to buy the story about Michael's death but if anyone knows explosions, it's Fi. The determined look in her eyes when she calls that Agent out was beautiful.  That's why I love Fiona.

Miranda: The final Fiona scene! I love that she looked at the pictures again, applied her extensive knowledge of how to blow things up, and realized that she was being lied to. I'm just kind of shocked it took her a second look.

Jim: I really enjoyed Pearce calming Michael down after Anson got away. She can tell he is frustrated over Fiona being in jail and was patient with him and offered him a warm smile. This is a far cry from the woman who pulled a gun on him last season.

Carla: After seasons of seeing a fairly stoic Michael, it was about time to see Michael show how much he cares about Fiona. His pain was heartbreaking to watch, but will give him the motivation to do what he needs to do. We've seen Michael on a mission before, but that was to clear his own name. He will not be unstoppable.

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Is Anson really the top of the food chain as far as the burned spy brigade goes, or is there a bigger bad than him lurking?
Christine: I'd like to think so. I don't know how many conspiracies I, or Michael, can take but it wouldn't surprise me if it got even more complicated.  This is Burn Notice.

Miranda: I'm having a hard time believing that once they catch Anson it's all over. There has to be someone higher up than him. Maybe even someone in the government who's actually the one pulling all the strings and making everything happen. Plus, if they catch Anson and he's the end, what would happen to the show?

Jim: I'm not sure you could still call the show Burn Notice if there wasn't someone to do the burning. Anson maybe the last one involved in Michael's being burned, but that doesn't mean many of theem were replaced along the way.

Carla: I hope so. We have been through so many conspirators that I'm ready for it to be over and Anson would be a good conclusion to that storyline.

Can Michael still trust Sam?
Christine: I know Sam believed he was doing it for Michael's own good but he lied to him and helped Fiona turn herself in.  She may be sent to prison for life, if not worse and Michael may never see her again.  Sam and Michael are obviously still partners and friends but I don't think Michael will ever trust Sam the same way again.

Miranda: Yes. Michael and Sam have disagreed on how to handle a situation before and made it through. Sam helped Fiona because they both thought it was the best thing for Michael. He may not like it, but right now, Sam's almost all he's got, and Michael's look of distress when he thought Sam had been blown up says that he cares about Sam Axe. They'll work through their issues

Jim: Yes! More now than ever. Sam is a true friend and tells Michael what he needs to hear not just what he wants to hear. It can be tough, when your getting news you don't want, but friends like that are hard to come by.

Carla: Yes. Sam was doing what he thought was best for Michael and for Fiona. Sometimes the most loyal friends will go against your wishes because they realize you aren't seeing a situation clearly. Sam has Michael's back.

Did Fiona do the right thing by turning herself in to the FBI to stop Anson?
Christine: Unfortunately, if Fiona's plan was to try and take Anson down with her then it wasn't her best plan.  The authorities just want someone to go down for this and Anson doesn't even seem to be on their radar.  I think Michael is now even more desperate to take down Anson by any means necessary so I don't see what good turning herself in did for anyone.

Miranda: So now Fiona's safe from Anson, but everyone else is in danger and Anson's sailed off into the sunset? Since it didn't actually stop Anson for good, no. He's still out there being all criminal mastermind-y and figuring out other ways to continue being evil. I don't see much good that's come from Fiona turning herself in.

Jim: Turning herself in removed Anson's ability to blackmail Michael. Michael was going around the bend and was becoming the very thing he hates to try and keep her out of jail. Regardless of outcome, removing that stone from his neck was the best thing for both of them.

Carla: To stop Anson ... probably not. For Fiona and Michael, I think so. She couldn't allow Michael to continue to give in to Anson's demands. Michael was not only losing himself, his moral code, but was risking his own life and putting his country at risk. Fiona only did what Michael would have done if the roles were reversed.

Would you like to see the team work on individual cases this season or have the show focus on a serialized chase of Anson?
Christine: Well, with Fiona in prison, the team isn't quite the same.  I think the first order of business is to get her out and if that means most episodes will be going after Anson, then so be it.  But I would like to see a mix of the two.

Miranda: I definitely want the team to keep working some of the private cases they've worked all along. Or I want to see Michael balance his CIA gig with the hunt for Anson. All Anson, all the time would get old fast, I think.

Jim: We spent the last half of Burn Notice Season 5 with Michael working for Anson, I think having a bit of a chase for him this season would balance nicely... That being said, I can't see Michael turning his back on those in need.

Carla: The show has been on long enough that it could easily focus on the overall Anson arc, but I'd miss Michael and team helping out those in need too. Given that Michael is back in the CIA, even if the rest of his "team" isn't, I'm intrigued to see how the episodes play out.

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