Burn Notice Review: Selling Your Soul

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With regular reviewer Jim Garner off covering Comic Con in San Diego (lucky bastard), I jumped at the chance to review this week's Burn Notice.

"Under the Gun" picked up just hours after last week's powerful scene where Michael visited Fiona in prison, and he was obviously still reeling from the experience.

Fiona's got a target on her back and now Michael knows it. When he later told Rebecca that there was nothing he wouldn't do, I completely believed him. He'll do anything it takes to take down Anson and free Fiona.

Speaking of Fi, she's tired, scared, not eating much and marked for death. All of the lifers were looking for a payday for taking her out and her only ally was Ayn. But can she really trust her?

When Fiona called for help and couldn't get Michael, I knew Maddie would step in and try to handle it herself. Unfortunately when Ayn said her ex had won the biggest bastard in Florida award, she wasn't kidding.

Michael Helps Sam

When Michael came back later and broke the man's arm, I almost couldn't blame him. When someone threatens to knock out your mom's teeth, they deserve a little pay back.

Anson was elusive yet again but he sent one of his minions in his place. It would be easier if Rebecca were just another bad guy but she's stuck doing Anson's bidding as a way to save her brother. And as Michael explained in this Burn Notice quote, it's a position he understood all too well.

 I know what it's like to save someone close to you by selling your soul a piece at a time. | permalink

But if you thought all of this angst might have made this episode a little too heavy, never fear. Sam was there to keep the one liners rolling as Rebecca dragged him through the swamp.

From the moment he quipped you picked me because I'm the cute one, right? I knew Sam's kidnapping was going to be fun. From exploding fuel trucks to threatening hillbilly meth heads with C4, Sam never lost his cool. That was until he called Elsa.

Obviously Sam's found true love because who else would you think to call when you've got a bomb strapped to you and one last phone call you can make. For Sam's sake, and Elsa's, I hope Anson couldn't over hear that call. The guy's already far too good at destroying lives wherever he goes.

So how long can Fiona last in prison? And why does Anson want her dead anyway? Can Michael trust Rebecca? And when will we have a real Michael and Fiona reunion?

Season six may be one of the best seasons of Burn Notice yet. I simply can't wait for more.

Under the Gun Review

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