Burn Notice Round Table: "Shock Wave"

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In a word: WOW. "Shock Wave" lived up to its name Thursday night, as Burn Notice aired one of the more surprising episodes in show history. Did you see that death coming?!?

Our Round Table team has quickly assembled to break it all down in response, as Miranda Wicker, Jim Garner, Carla Day, Chandel Charles and Christine Orlando are all are joined by by Steven of Burn Notice Fanatic. They have A LOT to discuss...


What was your favorite scene from the episode?
Miranda: Michael and Fiona's reunion outside the prison. He needed something good to happen after what he'd just been through. Seeing Sam and Jesse there waiting for her too was also a nice touch. The team's back together again.

Jim: I loved Nate playing the Motel Manager. Michael may not have liked him doing it, but it reminded me that Nate is a Westen.

Carla: It was a change to see Sam get all MacGyver instead of Michael. His use of beer and bacon was brilliant.

Chandel: Fiona and Mike being reunited. That was really nice to see after all they've been through this first part of the season.

Christine: When Michael had to tell his mother about Nate. My heart broke for both of them. It eclipsed every other scene for me.

Steven: "We don't waste beer in my family" - quoting Sam when he was preparing to make the fake marshals badge to alarm Garret and his crew. I trust that every beer was either used or drunk after they got out of there.

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Were you shocked that Nate actually died?
Miranda: YES! At first I thought one of Anson's men had been playing lookout and had shot Nate so that Anson could get away. Then I saw Anson dead and thought "It's only a flesh wound! Go Nate!" And then it slowly sunk in for me that he was dying as it was sinking in for Michael. So yes, I was shocked.

Jim: Sadly I was not. The first tip off was that the episode was hyped more than others, so I knew something big was coming. But the nail in the coffin was another fan of the show let the spoiler slip to me.

Carla: No. They promoted that someone close to Michael was going to die and he seemed like the likely one. His return to Miami was a bit too convenient for it not to have been him.

Chandel: Yes. People die in this show, it happens. But what I didn't expect was to have someone so close to Mike be the one to go. It was a really heartbreaking moment.

Christine: I had heard that someone would die in this episode but, like Steven I assumed it would be Rebecca. After Michael yelled at Nate twice I figured it was him and yet when it happened I still felt shocked.

Steven: I kinda knew he was the target, but if anything I was more shocked in the way he died. It was the most emotional moment of BN I've ever seen.

Do you have a theory on who shot Nate and Anson?
Miranda: I think it could've been Rebecca's brother. There's something fishy about her and I don't trust her. I wouldn't put it past this show to make Trent the Really Really Big Bad and Anson was actually a pawn in his and Rebecca's game and Michael inadvertently helped free Trent up to cause more mayhem.

Jim: Miranda might be on to something. I was thinking Rebecca since she knew where Michael was going to get him. Even if she didn't, I bet Michael confronts her.

Carla: Rebecca is my only guess. I'm sure Anson had other enemies though, so it could have been any of them. Or, even the CIA.

Chandel: Your guess is as good as mine!

Christine: Wow! Rebecca seems the obvious choice but I love Miranda's theory about Trent. That would be a great twist.

Steven: I think I may have to eat my words from last week's episode, "Split Decision". Rebecca, who wanted Anson dead, was a complete no show in this one, or was she? The blame could be placed on either Rebecca or her brother, Trent at this point.

Anson Fuller's storyline ending: anticlimactic or appropriate?
Miranda: Both. I thought he was a bigger deal than to be killed off mid-season, so in that sense, and because Michael's been chasing him for six seasons, it was anticlimactic. But it was also appropriate because how else could it have ended for him?

Jim: Give how awesome Michael and Ansons confrontations have been, I was surprised they didn't get a final conversation.

Carla: While I understand Jim's desire for a final confrontation between Michael and Anson, his execution from a high caliber rifle (did you see that hole in the sign? Wow.) was fitting. Anson is dead.

Chandel: Appropriate. He was as dramatic and he died in a dramatic way.

Christine: Both. Death was the only way this could end for Anson as he seemed a guy who could pull far too many strings even from prison but as spectacular as that sniper shot was, it felt over much too soon.

Steven: I must agree with Miranda. Although Anson's death was a little too early, it was appropriate regardless in the long run. For him to rot in prison may not have been the most desired, but a few last words from Mike before the shot would've been a good finish.

Will you miss Nate Westen?
Miranda: Yes. He was always willing to pinch hit in Michael's spy games and he usually got the job done. Sure, he was a meddlesome little brother, but that's part of what helped Michael after he was burned. I'm also curious to see what becomes of Michael's relationship with his mother now that Nate's been killed because he was helping Michael. That should be interesting.

Jim: Nate was fun, I will miss the brotherly interactions. But overall we didn't see him enough to really feel the loss that much (sorry, man).

Carla: No, though his death will cause much pain and most likely guide what Michael does next.

Chandel: Yes, I liked him a lot whenever he stopped by. It will be a hard loss that will undoubtedly change how the characters interact with one another going forward.

Christine: Honestly, no. Nate was never a favorite of mine but I think the repercussions of his death will be felt for seasons to come

Steven: Of course!! I'll surely miss the relationships he had with everyone, not to mention Ruth who I'm sure is now guilty of leaving him. In memory of Nate, I'm heading to the slot machines!!

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Sam: I've been helping you slog through this burn notice crap for how many years and I don't get to be there when you put the wraps on the last bastard standing?
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