Burn Notice Round Table: "Split Decision"

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A Get Out of Jail Free Card was offered on Burn Notice last week, as Agent Card made his presence felt in Fiona's imprisonment.

What else went down on "Split Decision?" Where does our Round Table team of Jim Garner, Christine Orlando and Steven from Burn Notice Fanatic see Michael's adventure headed to next? Read on. Find out. Chime in.


What was your favorite scene from the episode?
Steven: The entire episode was certainly action-driven and heart-racing, but I have to give the grand prize to Rebecca and Sam during their cover as Miami detectives. She definitely looks pretty when she's angry.

Christine: I loved the scene when Michael took down the drug runner and told him "You think Fi would replace me with a Brit!?! "  Quickly followed by him telling Card, "Dead, dead dead dead, yay I know."  Michael's riding the edge and nothing showed it more than that scene...and made me laugh at the same time.

Jim: I agree with Steven. Sam and Rebecca kind of stole the show this week, and the last thing said before driving into the water was pretty classic Sam: "If we survive, Mojitos are on you."

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Can Michael trust Rebecca?
Steven: Lately, it's been all about Rebecca trusting Michael and it's quite clear now that Michael keeps his promises. As the tables turn, Michael understands that Rebecca wants Anson's head as much as he does. He can trust she'll be right by his side once Anson is finally apprehended.

Christine: There are so few people Michael can really trust. He needs Rebecca to get to Anson and I'm 90% sure he can trust her but I hope Michael keeps a little bit of mistrust just to be safe.

Jim: I really want him to be able to, she is a burned spy and they were in the same boat working for Anson. But, as Christine pointed out, he need to be careful just to be safe.

Is Rebecca's brother really in the clear or does Anson have a "Plan B?"
Steven: Come to think of it, Anson would surely be the one with plans A to Z. It's possible that he does have a plan B but we know Rebecca is officially off his leash. He's a goner regardless.

Christine: Anson always seems to have a plan B. Hence why Michael can never trust her completely.

Jim: It's actually a sore point with some fans that Anson has continually been two steps ahead of Michael; maybe Michael will finally gain some ground with this one and Trent is safe. We can hope, right?

On a scale of 1 to 5, how fun are Rebecca and Sam when working together?
Steven: 5 for sure!! We really got to see Mr. & Mrs. Chuck Buckner, especially during their escape from the police; hilarious!!

Christine: I give them a 5. I love how Rebecca keeps Sam on his toes. Great fun.

Jim: It's a trifecta! I, too, give them a 5. It's been a while since we got to see Sam play off someone he is attracted to and scared of at the same time!

Do you think Card is on the level about helping Fiona?
Steven: Aside from the animosity Fiona unveiled during the visit, I think Tom is still onboard with Fiona's freedom as much as he's concerned with National Security. Her freedom doesn't come without a price as she's now an official CIA asset.

Christine: Yes, but for a price. There's no love fest here. He'll help her as long as it suits his end game.

Jim: Given his reveal at the end of the episode about how he saved Michael and Fiona's life, just as Fiona has worked with him for Michael, Card is doing things this way for Michael. Otherwise, he would hunt Anson a different way.

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