Burn Notice Round Table: "Under the Gun"

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With both Sam and Fiona's lives hanging in the balance and even his mother threatened, Michael certainly felt the pressure of being "Under the Gun" on Burn Notice last Thursday.

With TV Fanatic's Jim Garner away at Comic-Con this week, our Round Table team of Miranda Wicker and Christine Orlando ignored all feelings of jealousy to invite Steven from Burn Notice Fanatic on board to discuss, among other topics, how long Fiona can survive and whether love will change Sam.

Read on and chime in...


What was your favorite scene from the episode?
Christine: Where I loved the touching scene in the prison on "Last Rites," this week I was all about Sam's kidnapping. When he quipped, You picked me because I'm the cute one, right? I knew it was going to be fun.

Miranda: Fiona telling Ayn she knew the package didn't arrive in time and Ayn saying she's practicing trust. Look at Fiona making friends!

Steven: Unquestionably, my favorite scene started with a few simple instructions to Madeline: "Knock on the door, let him see you and step to the side..." followed a perfect blow by Michael to inmate Ayn's ex-husband. With a menacing temper, Michael gave that gringo an arm twist he will never forget.

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How long can Fiona survive in prison?
Christine: Fiona's in such a tough spot. She's locked in a box and surrounded by people who want her dead and have nothing but time on their hands. She'll need all of her resources to stay one step ahead but if anyone can do it, it's Fiona.

Miranda: Fiona's crafty, so I think she'll make it until Michael can get her out of there. She'll find a way to make friends or just not make enemies.

Steven: Looks like Ayn, the prison entrepreneur, has now put her trust in Fiona. With this relationship and the distant gang's aid, she'll be able to overcome a lot more obstacles and survive a hell of a lot longer than Anson will.

Should Michael have broken the guy's arm?
Christine: Did he have to? No. Did the guy deserve it? Absolutely! I have to agree with Steven. I really enjoyed that scene.

Miranda: Maybe not, but I'm okay that he did. We've seen Michael care more and more about the people in his inner circle over the seasons and that guy shouldn't have scared Madeline.

Steven: Hell yeah!! One for Madeline and the other for Fiona. Perhaps a leg for Ayn too!

Has Sam found true love and will it change things for him and the team?
Christine: That phone call was so sweet but I'd be surprised if it changed anything with the team. I don't think Sam could survive without his Chuck Finley fix

Miranda: Have we met Elsa? It's hard for me to say that Sam's found true love without having met Elsa. I'll go with maybe. I think the team is what would keep him from finding true love if this isn't it.

Steven: The voice mail message towards the end was very touching but it still doesn't read "True Love." It shouldn't change much of the team dynamics either except when something's interrupting "Sam Time." When it comes to the team and mission, he's all in. "Chuck Finley is forever, baby!"

Why does Anson want Fiona dead?
Christine: I'm a little surprised because I think he could toy with Michael more if she's alive. Killing her is certainly vindictive but I'm not sure it's the smartest long term move for Anson..

Miranda: He wants her dead to get back at Michael for taking down his empire. She's part of what keeps him grounded.

Steven: All to hit Michael where it hurts. I'm sure he wants everyone dead, but Fiona's the easiest to handle. He's much worse than Larry but I hope instead of rising from the dead, Anson will stay six feet under.

C. Orlando is a TV Fanatic Staff Writer. Follow her on Twitter.

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