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Covert Affairs Season 3 began with a bang!  We reviewed the first episode of the summer on Tuesday night, but now Dan Forcella, Carla Day, and Tiffany Vogt of are here to delve further into "Hang On to Yourself" in this Covert Affairs Round Table.

Read their answers to the questions below, and then give us yours in the comments!


What was your favorite moment from the premiere?

Tiffany: Any Auggie and Annie scenes where they are together are always my favorite scenes, whether it is just walking or working out.  Their chemistry is palpable and the fact that he can't see how she looks at him just makes those scenes so addictive to watch.  

Carla: Wow. That's a difficult question. The premiere was so dark that I didn't have a moment that I just loved, despite enjoying the episode and newer darker tone. However, Danielle having back up cupcakes for Annie was a sweet moment.

Dan: My favorite moment was probably Jai getting blown up in the car.  Not only was it truly an explosive way to start the season, but it should make for a number interesting twists and turns as Auggie explores everything the former agent was up to.

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How will you remember Jai Wilcox?

Tiffany: I will remember Jai Wilcox as a misguided man who did not have the sense to keep his friends closer than his enemies.  Jai could have been part of the cool-kids-club, if only he had trusted his instincts about who would stand by him through the tough times.  Playing a political animal cost him in so many ways.

Carla: As much as he tried to get away from it, he lived in the shadow of his father. His actions were defined by his desire to make a name for himself. Going forward, I'd love to find out this mystery mission he was trying to get Annie to help him with. It could be his redemption.

Dan: I will remember him as a character that never really materialized to much, so they decided to blow him up.  I think the writers always had a couple of good ideas to move forward on with Jai, but nothing ever ended up gelling with the rest of what was going on in the Covert Affairs world.  I like the decision to scrap it all.

What are your first impressions of Lena Smith?  Is she good for Annie?

Tiffany: I don't trust Lena Smith one bit.  Perhaps she only is trying to do her job the best way she knows how, but it is putting her operatives at risk, physically, emotionally and psychologically.  Protecting one's assets is always a better strategy than using and abusing them for short term goals.  Her methods are definitely not good for Annie, but that is a hard lesson that Annie will have to learn.

Carla: Wild, reckless, but effective at her job. If the shower scene is any indication, Annie is going to make some questionable decisions. I'm worried for Annie under Lena, but professionally she may excel under this new mentor.

Dan: I think Lena will bring good and bad for Annie.  I'm Annie will learn a few things from her, but in the end, she will realize that the DPD is where she belongs, and Joan is a better mentor for her.  My impression of Lena is that she's awesome.  I think she's definitely the kind of wrench that was needed to be thrown into this season.

Who will struggle more with lack of Annie; Joan or Auggie?

Tiffany: Surprisingly, Joan seems to be the one who is struggling more with the loss of Annie.  Joan really needs Annie on her team -- especially now that Jai is dead and Auggie is gone too.  Joan's ability to be effective at her job has been damaged by such key losses.  Plus, Joan seemed to really bond with Annie and the loss of her star operative and a friend cuts to the core.

Carla: I'd say Auggie, but even with the move they will still end up working together.

Dan: The combination of losing the both of them may do some serious damage to Joan's ability to function normally.  I'm hoping it causes the character to get crazy.  It could create some interesting situations in the near future!

How long before Annie is back working at the DPD and Auggie is at his desk?

Tiffany: As much as I'd like to see Annie back with DPD and Auggie too, it does not feel like that is going to happen anytime soon.  Annie's chosen mission could end up being a bit more long-term than she anticipated.  Deep undercover work demands a price and Annie no longer has the luxury of just popping about on missions if she intends to take down someone so deeply rooted a large criminal enterprise. 

Carla: Not any time soon.

Dan: Well since Christopher Gorham explained that there will be a much longer arc for this diversion, I guess they won't be back to the status quo for the entire summer!  That gets me excited.  Yay serialization!

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