Rookie Blue Review: Mommy Who?

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Typically, an 11-year old with a gun pointed in your direction would make for a rough enough day.

But this development was merely the beginning for Andy McNally on the latest Rookie Blue... because her mother showed up.

I had to laugh at the start of "Messy Houses" when Andy suddenly remembers that it's her father's birthday and she and Sam make a mad dash to his house in the middle of the night. Most people rectify that situation with a phone call - but not our favorite female officer. Sam's tired eyes and sleep rumpled hair were just adorable. Only a top notch boyfriend hauls his butt out of bed to go say happy birthday to your dad.

Andy's Domestic Disturbance

Then her day went sideways. Claire McNally didn't strike me as the most professional social worker. First, she walked up to a scene where there were cops everywhere with guns drawn and she told Sam she had to get in there. She didn't even tell him she was a social worker. Why would he possibly let her in?

Then she kept referring to Sam as cowboy and snarkily told him not to call her ma'am. Sam was nothing but polite but all he got back from Claire was attitude.

Should Andy have given her mother a second chance? I think Andy needed answers and it did sound as though there was more to the story than she knew.

Was her father protecting her when he wouldn't allow Andy to take her mother's phone calls or was he angry and using access to Andy as a way to get back at his ex? Probably a little of both.

I had no love for Claire McNally in this episode. If she really wanted a relationship with her daughter, nothing would have stopped her from fighting for it, but at some point Claire gave up and walked away. If there's more to that story I hope that we and Andy get to hear it.

Did you ever think Chris would be a player? Obviously he was using some bed hopping therapy to get over Gail. I know he put his heart out there again when he approached her at the end but when he found out about Gail and Nick his response sounded particularly harsh in this Rookie Blue quote

There are plenty of options. You were one of them. Now you're not. | permalink

I suppose he thought he had another shot with her and was shocked to find out about a part of her past and present that he didn't see coming. Still, that line kind of stung.

So are Jerry and Traci perfect for each other or headed towards disaster? It could be a case of two people who have made mistakes in their pasts but learned from them, yet I don't think so. First, Jerry let Traci feel like the bad guy for cheating on her ex, all the while never mentioning that he had done the same.

Then his justification for infidelity bothered me. His wife didn't love him anymore and he didn't love her. Yeah... but I'm pretty sure she wouldn't have been happy to hear her husband was in a motel room with another woman. He also said it wouldn't happen with Traci because he's happy now but all relationships go through tough times. What happens when he's NOT happy?

Somehow I just don't see Traci and Jerry lasting over the long haul.

But there's one couple who looked like they will. I believed Sam when he told Andy…

You won't get rid of me without a fight. | permalink

Something about that adorable little smile on his face and the determined look in his eyes melted my heart. Go team Sandy!

So are you rooting for Traci and Jerry? Should Andy see her mother again? And did you miss Noelle and Frank?

Messy Houses Review

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