Burn Notice Review: Wicked Awesome Accent

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Michael and Fiona have portrayed a wide variety of people over the years, but “Robby” and “Donna” are definitely at the top of my list for favorites. 

There was so much to love about the entire cover. The look Michael gave Sam after he smacked his head on the car seat while putting Jimmy in the car was hysterical. I will freely admit that I’m not from Boston so my opinion of their accent and dialect should be taken as such. I loved it. 

Michael Gets Arrested

While Michael working in the message that the house would be on fire was solid, the slow motion/dual-combat scene that followed blew me away. I want to meet the stunt coordinator who came up with the idea of Fiona leaping off the bed, full swing, in slow motion. It was outstanding. 

Of course, we almost didn’t get this awesome interaction had Michael gotten his way and Fiona stayed behind. I knew Michael was going to start second guessing Fiona’s participation in operations after Nate’s death and "Unchained" proved me right. I don’t know if Michael finally gave in to Fiona and agreed or just gave up on fighting her on it; either way her explanation certainly hit home. 

Fiona: Look, I know you feel responsible for what happened to Nate. You're not. He volunteered for that mission because he wanted to do something worthwhile, something good! Because that's who he was, because he was a Westen. | permalink

Thankfully, everyone made it out safely and Michael has a lead on the gun that killed Nate. Well, a better lead than he got threatening an FBI Agent with his gun. While I want to hope that we have seen the last of Michael’s dark side, I betting we haven’t, especially now that Pearce is gone.

Is anyone else hoping as much as I am that Pearce rejoins the Scooby Gang? I really like her on the team and she and Jesse are so great together! He is still the only one who calls her Dani (or her first name). Hell, even when she was banging on Michael and Fiona’s door she used her last name.  

Besides being great with Jesse, she helps remind Michael to toe the line for the "good guys." Michael respects and trusts her and without her influence I’m afraid that Michael is going to give in to his anger and it will result in “Darth Westen” going rogue from the CIA. 

We only have two more episodes this summer before Burn Notice takes its normal fall vacation and I have to wonder where they are going to leave it.

Unchained Review

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Burn Notice Season 6 Episode 8 Quotes

What did you think? It's my first Boston mobster. I wanna get it right.


Sam: Hey, look who's not in jail.
Pearce: Well, I just got an ear full from Langley about your little stunt. What the hell were you thinking threatening an FBI agent like that?
Michael: I didn't threatening him. I asked him questions with a gun in my hand. A gun I have the right to legally carry.