Burn Notice Round Table: "Reunion"

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Burn Notice fans met Sam's girlfriend last Thursday, as "Reunion" introduced us to the mysterious Elisa... along with a welcome dose of fun and amusement.

It's been a dark season, to be sure, but TV Fanatic staff writers Christine Orlando, Jim Garner and Chandel Charles are here to look on the lighter side of the USA series and breakdown the latest episode. Won't you join them?


What was your favorite scene from the episode?
Christine: Michael and Fiona sitting on the beach watching the sun come up. Michael needed the quiet moment alone with Fi and she saw the beach with new eyes after being in prison. The scene was sweet and poignant.

Jim: As sad as it was, Nate's funeral service, I really want to know what Michael whispered as he leaned next to Nate (more on this below). It was a great balance to the opening of them on the beach.

Chandel: I think it was actually when Jesse trashed the expensive car straight into the main power circuit to create a distraction. I thought his rouse was really entertaining.

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Was Rebecca telling the truth about not being involved with Nate's death?
Christine: Can you ever really be sure who is telling the truth when it comes to spies? That said, I'm going to say yes. Of course, that begs the question, who did shoot Nate and Anson?

Jim: Rebecca had no reason to lie after letting Michael have her a gun point. As she said, she wouldn't have hired someone to shoot Anson and she was still in Miami, so it stands to reason she is telling the truth.

Chandel: I think perhaps somewhere along the line she might have had something to with it, even if it wasn't exactly pulling the trigger. She may have had a hand in the events that led to it, though.

What did you think of Elsa after waiting so long to meet her?
Christine: I thought that Sam's won the trifecta. She was smart, rich, and beautiful. Now if Sam can help get her screw up of a son under control, life could be quite good.

Jim: Way to go Sam! Smart, sexy and rich - talk about hitting the jackpot! I hope we get to see more of her going forward!

Chandel: I think she's quite the firecracker and the idea of her and Sam together is intriguing. I really like it!

Do you think Evan and Sam are developing a father/son dynamic?
Christine: Yes. Sam was trying to understand the kid, despite his obvious screw ups. I loved that Sam made mother and son drink together to work our their issues. That's just so Sam.

Jim: Sam's never had a son (that we know of) and Evan clearly needs a dominate parental figure. Seems pretty likely the dynamic is going to happen if they spend any time together at all. I have to say, you could do worse than Sam Axe as a step-dad!

Chandel: It's possible, but I don't think we should rush it. After all, they just met. I do think that the potential is there though.

Did you have tears during Nate's service?
Christine: Yes. I just can't look at Madeline without it completely breaking my heart.

Jim: I've mentioned in many Burn Notice reviews how much Madeline reminds me of my own mom. Given that she passed away in March, watching Madeline and Michael go through the grieving process at the funeral had me crying for her, for him and for my own parent. Very well done, Mr. Nix, very well done indeed.

Chandel: Although I was moved by the entire service sequence, I did not find myself tearing up. I think the execution of the scene was well-handled and appropriate for the show, not overly emotional or too distant. The balance was just right.

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Burn Notice Season 6 Episode 7 Quotes

Sam: Don't sweat it. We'll work together like Butch and Sundance, right kid?
Evan: Who's that?
Sam: [blank stare]
Jesse: In one minute the power to those cameras goes out. You two are doing the 100 yard dash. Stretch out those hammys.

Fiona: Thank you for not giving up.
Michael: Consider it pay back for the thousand times you never gave up on me.