Burn Notice Round Table: "Unchained"

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Another winning Burn Notice episode, another edition of the TV Fanatic Round Table.

Following one of Michael and Fiona's best covers to date, our panel of staffers Carla Day, Miranda Wicker, Christine Orlando and Jim Garner are joined by Steve of Burn Notice Fanatic for a rundown of "Unchained." Pull up a virtual chair now and join them!


What was your favorite scene from the episode?
Carla: When Michael and Fiona were both on the phone and timed their attacks perfectly. That phone call was cryptic, yet they both understood exactly what they were supposed to do. Plus, both of their take downs were brilliantly executed.

Miranda: Pearce winging it with Meyerson about the accounts. It seems she's picked up a trick or two from hanging out with Michael and Jesse.

Christine: The scene towards the end where Fiona tells Michael, "I would like to show you some things that you can't do without me." And then they wake up with guns drawn/ I loved the whole sequence.

Steven: I agree with Carla. It was hilarious to see Mike and Fi take down Quinn and his boys after a sentimental count of three over the phone.

Jim: I agree with Carla and Steven. As mentioned in my review, the dual-take down scene was one of the best I've seen on TV.

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On a scale of 1 to ,5 how believable were Michael and Fiona's accent/dialect?
Carla: 4. They were way over to the top, but they got away with using them.

Miranda: Michael: 4; Fiona: 3.

Christine: Accent? What accent? They both made me laugh. I give Michael a 3 and I don't even remember Fiona's because I was mesmerized by that outfit.

Steven: I'd give them a solid 4 out of 5. It was very similar to their cover as an underboss' crew in the Season 3 episode "Fearless Leader."

Jim: I'm give the accent a 4, but the entire persona a 5. Did anyone catch Michael's "bang a right up here?" While researching the dialect I found that "bang" is used when talking about a quick turn. Bravo!

Do you think Pearce is gone for good?
Carla: Probably. She has served her purpose and its time for Michael to move on. She could always show up again in need of Michael's help, but that's probably it.

Miranda: Not at all. Especially because ever since Jim said something I keep waiting for her to hook up with Jesse.

Christine: I'm not certain but the actress looked pregnant to me. Lots of baggy tops that we don't normally see. I'm guessing they're writing her out for a while for maternity leave and I'm hoping they bring her back because I'd love to see a Jesse / Pearce hook up in the future.

Steven: I may be with Christine on this one. Pearce could surely return in the next couple seasons. Until then, much luck with the fake prescription labels!

Jim: I really hope not. She was a fun addition to the team and, as Miranda pointed out, I'm still hoping for a love connection with Jesse!

Without Pearce around is Michael going to end up going rogue?
Carla: Michael was rogue with Pearce around, but he will only get worse without her to temper his ambitions as little as she did.

Miranda: He's always been rogue, so I don't think he'll get too much worse than usual. And Michael still has contacts at the CIA.

Christine: I'm afraid Michael's need to avenge his brother's murder will only grow more desperate without out her there to even attempt to rein him in. There's no telling how far Michael will go.

Steven: Perhaps insane! Pearce has really been there in tough times for Michael; nevertheless, without Pearce, things will only get much worse.

Jim: She's been his anchor in the agency. While he knows Card I doubt he would think twice about doing something against him if he felt it was justified. At least with Pearce he would discuss it with the rest of the gang first.

Faster on the draw from a dead sleep, Michael or Fiona?
Carla: Tie.

Miranda: Fiona, she's got the advantage of having recently been in jail to give her the edge.

Christine:  They're both damn quick but if I have to choose I'll say Fiona. I just always feel as though she has the edge.

Steven: I'm more curious about the first shot, but, sorry Fi, I have my bets on Michael for the draw.

Jim: I agree with Carla, I'm going with tie - but Pearce gets full points for knowing they were pointing guns at the door!

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