Rookie Blue Review: Breaking Up the Band

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"I Never" was exactly how I felt after watching the season finale of Rookie Blue - and yet, in an odd way, it all made sense.

The return of John Gray from the season premiere brought things full circle as everyone had to hunt the crazy pedophile once more. Only this time around, the officers of the 15th were all in very different places both personally and professionally.

Andy Struggles

Sam and Andy. At the start of the season Sam was hurt that Andy hadn't contacted him during their suspension. Oh, how things had changed.

Honestly, Sam hides his feelings so well sometimes that it's easy to see things from Andy's point of view. He did look rather chummy with the blond at the Black Penny and Oliver seemed more worried about Andy after her confrontation with Gray than Sam did.

Of course, Sam's been going through Hell since Jerry's death. He's handled it terribly but that doesn't mean he hasn't been suffering. There's so much we don't know about Sam. He really is a mystery and I hope we get more insights into the man in Season 4.

But I had to side with Andy when she brushed off Sam's I love you. It could have easily been the adrenaline rush of watching his ex-girlfriend juggling a grenade.

As big an admission as that was for Sam, it came across as too little too late.  If he thought those three words could erase weeks of hurt and confusion, he was wrong.

What was even more satisfying to hear than the I love you was the begging that quickly followed because it was great to see that Sam finally figured out what he wanted and said he was willing to work for it.

Oliver. Oh, Ollie looked too cute when the blond was hitting on him and, more than that, he looked so darned uncomfortable. 

As hurt and angry as he was with his wife, the last thing he really wanted to do was move on. Sam gave him some good advice and I've got my fingers crossed that Ollie gets his family back next season.

Chris and Denise. Chris obviously loves being a dad and that's no surprise... but a transfer to Timmons? Ollie's right. He'll be bored to tears.

I've never been to Toronto but there have to be suburbs, right? Couldn't they find a place where Debbie feels safe raising their child but Chris could still commute to his job? It's called compromise and if these two are going to raise a child together they should really consider it.

Luke and Traci. I've been thrilled with how much Luke has been supporting and encouraging Traci. Not that Jerry didn't do the same, but their personal relationship made it difficult for him to see Traci's full potential on the job.

Luke has become the friend and mentor that Traci needs. He believed in her enough to recommend her for the task force but when she couldn't drop everything to make it happen he made sure she put it in perspective in this Rookie Blue quote

 You have something more important in your life. Don't apologize for that. | permalink

Gail and Nick. This one broke my heart almost as much as Sam and Andy. Gail has looked happier than I think we've ever seen her. The travel books were just a way of distracting herself from the possibility of losing her job. Unfortunately I'm afraid that Nick took it more seriously.

But that kiss he gave her was pretty serious and made me think Nick was in this for the long haul.

And then everything changed.

Now I know they had their orders, but how do you just walk out on your life one night and not tell the person you love that you're going undercover for weeks or months?!?

Nick and Gail are in a relationship. What is she suppose to think when he disappears on her? I'm sure there's some sort of cover story planned but leaving her like that was just cruel.

Speaking of cruel, was Andy really that angry at Sam that she could simply walk out of his life without a word? I understood not wanting to be the girl who gives up a great opportunity over a guy, but he just told her everything she's wanted to hear. 

I'm not saying she shouldn't have taken the job. I just have to believe she could have given him a heads up if she really wanted to. However, since Andy always follows the rules, it does make sense that she'd do exactly what Luke told her to do, even though I hate it.

A few side notes I just have to mention…

  • Does Andy's chummy relationship with her Mom bug anyone else? It just feels as though Mom should have had to work harder for that privilege.
  • Gail comparing herself to Yoko Ono really had me laughing.
  • Chris talked to Oliver about moving to Timmons before telling Dov. The guy's his best friend, partner, and roommate.  WTH?!?
  • Loved it when Dov said, "Wait, seriously, I'm the only one who's never had sex with anyone from 15?" Is Rookie Blue the cop version of Grey's Anatomy?

So... do you think Andy's angry or just playing by the rules? With Sam and Andy, Nick and Gail, and even Chris and Dov all in danger of being separated, what can we expect from Rookie Blue in season 4?  Summer of 2013 seems a long, long way off.

I Never Review

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Rookie Blue Season 3 Episode 13 Quotes

Wait, seriously, I'm the only one who's never had sex with anyone from 15?


Chris: I feel like someone's breaking up the band.
Gail: Now that's just silly because we're not a band. But if we were, I would be Yoko. So you all should be celebrating.