Elementary Round Table: "Child Predator"

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Another Thursday, another strong episode of Elementary.

In the latest edition of the TV Fanatic Round Table, staff members Carissa Pavlica and Jim Garner are joined by Amanda from Grizzlybomb.com and Brian from Geek Magazine, to analyze "Child Predator." Won't you join them?


What was your favorite scene from the episode?
Carissa: My first thought was the shirtless scene, because it's so refreshing to see a nice manly chest on television. But that's not what readers want to hear. So I'll go for the intelligent answer. Because I have a personal stake in the issue, it was when Sherlock used the word "myriad" properly in a sentence. I squealed. Hey, it's the little things, right?

Amanda: I have no shame, I'm going with the shirtless scene. Not only was he shirtless, but also entertaining as well. I am wondering when Sherlock Holmes ran a marathon, can't say I ever thought he was the type. Or did he get a tattoo to express his love for Rule 26.2 of the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure concerning producing a witness statement? 'Tis a mystery.

Jim: Dang it Amanda, Carissa, I have to agree with you, about the shirtless scene BUT for a different reason. Seeing the tattoos they chose for Sherlock gives us a glimpse into the character, did you notice the Scorpio tattoo. Did you know Miller is a Scorpio?

Brian: Can I say none? Extremely lazy episode. Just one more in a long line of examples where CBS is more concerned with sticking to formula than exploring character. Adam's transformation is too easily accepted and Sherlock really isn't highlighted here.

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Did you figure out Adam Kempler had become the "Balloon Man?"
Carissa: As soon as he was found in the van. I think running from the police gave it away, especially because he was alone. I'm also an incredible cynic and usually think the worst first until convinced otherwise, so that's to be expected of a nut job like me.

Amanda: Yeah, right away. I've watched enough Criminal Minds and NCIS to spot that trick from a mile out.

Jim: Yep, much like watching Ed Norton in Primal Fear, seeing Adam slip out of "frightened victim" to "cool mastermind" was expected. Don't get me wrong, he did it well.

Brian: As soon as they showed the birthmark on his neck early on I suspected. The broken window is what sealed it.

Who do you think makes a better sounding board for Holmes, Angus the bust or Watson the doctor?
Carissa: Watson is proving herself more useful all the time, and even Sherlock begrudgingly admits it. I think he even brought the bust out just to make her laugh. 

Amanda: Watson. Sherlock needs someone to push back. He may put up the front that he doesn't but I think that wall is starting to crumble just a wee bit.

Jim: Well, as Holmes pointed out, he favors Watson, so I will say her. Of course there are days she has about as many reactions as Angus.

Brian: Let's call it a tie. Liu's Watson has been six kinds of useless so far. Her constant nagging about his health and sobriety are eating at me, if she doesn't become an asset soon this show won't last long enough to develop into anything.

Will we see Adam again?
Carissa: Since he's going to prison for a while, I doubt it. Not any time soon.

Amanda: If there is another child abduction case I suppose maybe, but no I think he's a one and done.

Jim: If he is being setup as a Jr. Nemesis, then we might. Otherwise, he's off to jail for good!

Brian: This will all depend on ratings. They are clearly setting him up to appear again, it's all gonna rest on how long the show lasts. I would expect him to return either at the end of Season 2, or somewhere in the middle of Season 3. It also will depend on when they decide to bring in Moriarty.

What is your trick for staying awake when you need to?
Carissa: Wine. Coffee tends to put me asleep, and wine wakes me up. Like I said, nut job. 

Amanda: Well I could say coffee or exercise (ha! it's so not exercise) but it's actually the nasty habit of smoking. Tobacco keeps me awake like nothing else. A late night drive? Roll down the window, grab a cigarette and you can drive until the cows come home.

Jim: Wow, smoking and drinking so far, eh? Well I don't do either. For me it's crunchy snacks. If I need to stay awake, chomping on some Cheetos or potato chips will keep my mind alert. It's a trick I learned for long car drives I used to make every week.

Brian: Staying awake is never the issue. My dilemma is getting up in the morning...

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Elementary Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

Watson: So what now? We go back to the Castillo house and talk to the parents more?
Sherlock: You're doing it again - talking.
Watson: What? I'm not supposed to talk?
Sherlock: Situations like these cases require my total concentration. I talk to you, never the other way around.

For future reference. When I say I agree with you, it means I'm not listening.