Once Upon a Time Round Table: "The Crocodile"

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While last week's Once Upon a Time episode was all about ogres and evil queens, "The Crocodile" took a different turn, leaving Emma, Snow and Cora in its wake.

Below, our TV Fanatic Round Table team of Jim Garner, Nick McHatton and Christine Orlando band together to decide whether Rumplestiltskin and Belle have a chance at romance and debate which fairy tale character deserves to be the focus of his/her own episode.


What was your favorite scene from the episode?
Jim: I loved watching Belle's reaction when she walked into the library, followed by Rumple being brave and telling her the truth. You could tell Belle recognized his small baby step forward.

Nick: Hook's line to Cora about sparkly dirt, and, of course, getting to meet Captain Hook overall.

Christine: Definitely Rumple asking Charming for dating advice. It was unexpected, sweet and funny all at once - and Charming's answer was just perfect.

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Did you miss Emma, Snow, and/or Regina in this episode?
Jim: I realized we hadn't seen them, but I didn't miss them. It helps the stories be stronger when you're not required to show every character, as you can focus on telling a great arc with the characters that are there.

Nick: Like Jim, I eventually realized that they weren't in the episode, and I did miss them; however, there was still plenty of enjoy from the episode.

Christine: Honestly, I didn't realize they hadn't had one scene until the very end. I love Emma, Snow and Regina but the rest of the ensemble was so strong that I never miss them. That's the sign of a great show.

Knowing how Rumplestiltskin was betrayed, does it change how you feel about him?
Jim: Oh come on, who HASN'T been betrayed? Seems like the formula for a bad guy is to take someone with a horrible heartbreak and give them unlimited power. Both Regina and Rumple went from being nice people to complete bastards. Apparently the old saying about power corrupting is true.

Nick: It rounds his character well, and while I feel for him I don't exactly care about him as a character.

Christine: Okay, maybe it's a girl thing then... but I love Rumple. He's the bad boy you hope will make good even when the thinking part of your brain knows it's probably not going to happen. Yet, somehow knowing that he wasn't always so power hungry and evil gives me a glimmer of hope for his redemption.

Do you think Belle and Rumple will last as a couple?
Jim: I would love to say yes, but this is Rumple we are talking about. Unless he lets love break his curse and remove his powers, he's going to end up riding the evil train all the way to hell.

Nick: In the end, maybe, but as they are right now, no.

Christine: Oh, the romantic in me wants to believe it. They are so darn cute together. But the cynic in me knows the odds are long... very, very long.

Which character would you like to see as the focus of an episode?
Jim: Is an Ariel/Little Mermaid out of the question? We've gotten a few of the Princesses; it would be nice to round out the set.

Nick: Mulan.

Christine: I want more Ruby! She's turning into such a kick ass, take charge character in Storybrooke and I really want to know more about how the "wolf thing" works there.

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