Private Practice Round Table: "Mourning Sickness"

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Private Practice said goodbye to Pete this week.

The TV Fanatic Round Table, conversely, is saying hello to a new member: Beina Rugai from this Private Practice Fan Site. She joins staff writer Christina Tran and readers Caitlyn Castro and Jarrod Mitchell in this edition, as the panel breaks down "Mourning Sickness."


What was your favorite quote or scene from episode?
Caitlyn: Definitely the bathroom scene! One of the funniest PP moments EVER.  And all my favorite quotes go to Charlotte. She was dropping funny lines throughout the episode.

Jarrod: My favorite scene would probably have to be with Charlotte and Cooper in the bathroom. I couldn't help but laugh every time Charlotte made a cynical remark about her pregnancy to Cooper and everyone else.

Beina: Favorite quote goes to Charlotte: “I'm having a litter like some kind of animal. These bloodsucking tick growing inside of me…” My favorite scene was when Cooper and Violet scattered Pete's ashes into the ocean. It was very touching and it moved me. Amy is a great actress!

Christina: I’m picking the scene between Mini Cooper and Violet. Mason was simple, raw and honest when he said it “really sucks that he died.”

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More unbelievable: "Mourning Sickness" marking Private Practice's 100th episode or there are possibly only being 11 episodes left in the series?
Caitlyn: That there are only 11 episodes left. I'm not sure if I'm ready to let go yet.

Jarrod: Probably that it marked the 100th episode, seeing as it didn't really feel like a 100th episode. I expected more from the team of fantastic writers. In regards to only 11 episodes left, I'm beginning to adjust to the fact that this is the final season of Private Practice, so having that countdown is allowing me to take in the episodes gratefully.

Beina: Reaching the 100th episode was a nice accomplishment, but… Oh God, there are only 11 episodes left?! Every time, I try not to think about it.

Christina: I’ll go with the latter. Here’s to hoping the remaining episodes are just as strong as the last two we’ve seen!

The doctors joined together to say goodbye and celebrate Pete's life. Was it all enough?
Caitlyn: I felt like it was an interesting way to celebrate his life, but it didn't really seem very "Pete." I thought he deserved more.

Jarrod: I didn't think it was enough. I got that Pete's 'funeral' was meant to be happy and honor his life, but it was just ridiculous to me. I also felt as if though that call from Derek in the end just set too much in motion at the idea of death. Yes, death is inevitable, but Addison, Amelia and Sam already had enough on their plate with Pete. The death of a long-time friend was just too much.

Beina: IMHO, they granted Pete's wish, it was a great party, a very alternative way to remember him! So, it was enough.

Christina: Not at all. I liked that the episode overall did feel heartfelt and different. However, after just recently saying goodbye to Mark from Grey’s Anatomy with flashbacks, I almost wished for the same for Pete.

Sheldon's case was...
Caitlyn: Completely unnecessary and a waste of time!

Jarrod: Though the show has introduced a lot of storylines in regards to pedophilia, this 100th episode should have been about the characters and Pete's life - not any kind of case. I believe that every member (including past one such as Audra McDonald) should have been there without any focus of work whatsoever.

Beina: Hard to solve, but I consider Sheldon very good at his job, and I don't mind to see him in action.

Christina: It was difficult to watch. It’s clear the writers are giving us what they used to be known for – disturbing but still interestingly written medical cases.

Are you satisfied with how the writers handled Addie finding out about Mark dying?
Caitlyn: Definitely not. Mark was one of the greatest loves of her life and her initial reaction didn't seem that way. I hope they show more of it in the succeeding episode.

Jarrod: As someone who has known these characters for eight and six years, respectively, I would expect Derek to go to L.A. and tell Sam, Addison and Amelia himself and not over the phone. I was not a fan and I didn't like the way Addison was told, let alone the fact that the audience didn't get a chance to see much of Sam or Amelia's reaction altogether.

Beina: Not completely satisfied, I think that most of the fans would have liked to see Addison in Seattle to say goodbye, but I've realized that his death will affect Addison in the next episodes.

Christina: Of course not, but that phone call had to happen. It also meant Addie already knew about Mark’s condition, and maybe she did visit him and we weren’t able to see it. I said it in my review, and I’ll say it again… there was a missed crossover opportunity.

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