Scandal Round Table: "White Hat's Off"

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After what felt like an eternal summer, Scandal is finally back. To help us all recover from the shock of the premiere, and give us something to talk about until the next episode airs, we're back with our weekly TV Fanatic Round Table.

"White Hat's Off" revealed Quinn Perkins' identity, but the episode left us with more questions than it answered. Join TV Fanatic Staff Members Jim Garner, Leigh Raines, Miranda Wicker and Carla Day as we dish on all the best secrets from the premiere. Read on and then sound off in the comments!


What was your favorite scene from the episode?
Jim: I loved the final reveal with Huck walking to the car and Olivia sitting it. Simply amazing.

Leigh: After waiting for this show to return, it's hard to pick just one!!! I guess it would be Fitz and Olivia's phone call. They just get each other.

Miranda: I loved so much about this episode. And by "so much" I mean all of it. For the sake of choosing something different, I'll go with Olivia's "tilt at windmills" speech to Quinn. It was so well written and delivered. I'm a total Kerry Washington fangirl and she's always awesome.

Carla: It was jaw-dropping from start to finish, but my favorite had to be the phone call between Olivia and Fitz. My heart broke at the "I hate you" lines.

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Was the Quinn Perkins reveal worth the wait?
Jim: Finding out she was a suspect in a bombing was not, finding out Olivia and Huck were behind her new life - TOTALLY.

Leigh: I hate cliffhangers and love spoilers so this was torture. It was really well done though. I had no clue what Quinn's reveal would be.

Miranda: YES! Yes, yes, yes! It was so worth it! My jaws dropped and my eyes were wide all three times I watched the premiere. Even after I knew it was coming, I couldn't help but be shocked and awed.

Carla: Yes. I'm glad the reveal wasn't dragged out. It provided answers to quite a few of the bigger questions as well about Quinn and Olivia. It was hard to believe that Quinn wasn't the innocent, nice girl that we first met and it turns out she really is that person.

Mellie Grant: Love her, hate her, or love to hate her?
Love her, she is absolutely brilliant in how she can manipulate Fitz. Just amazing, I want to hate her, but I'm completely in the "love" group.

Leigh: Honestly, I just don't dig her. She sacrificed her dreams for a man who cheats on her and called her an ornament. Damn Mellie, go do you, make yourself happy.

Miranda: I'm in the love AND hate her camp. She's so deliciously evil when she needs to be, but then I feel bad for her for the reasons you said, Leigh. When Fitz ripped into her after their TV interview I was hurt for her even after she'd just forced his hand on live television.

Carla: She annoys me every time she is on screen. She makes it easy to root for Fitz and Olivia. She is despicable.

Whom did Olivia call to get the judge to acquit?
Jim: She called the person that she protected Quinn for originally. I think Olivia and Huck were cleaning up a mess with the bomb and Quinn being blamed was not intentional so she moved her where she could keep an eye on her. Clearly whoever she was working for has some power.

Leigh: No idea, I thought maybe someone really high up in the court system but I love Jim's answer. Gonna jump on that bandwagon.

Miranda: Hmm, the only reason I lean away from Jim's answer is that surely they want SOMEONE to go down for this. Olivia seems like the type who doesn't want the "bad guy" to just get away. Wouldn't it have been easier to just frame the dead boyfriend for blowing up the building? I'm thinking way too much about this at 7:00 in the morning. I think she called Cyrus.

Carla: I agree with Jim too. It has to be the person, or someone, who hired Olivia in helping Quinn. Olivia said on the call that she hadn't talked to the person in a while. So, it can't be anyone we already know.

Will Olivia and Huck be able to keep this secret from the other Gladiators?
Jim: Until David digs something up I think they can, absolutely. The moment David reveals a crack, it's going to shatter like tempered glass and they will have to come clean.

Leigh: Even though I suspected Olivia had something to do with the cover up as the episode progressed, she and Huck played it so flawlessly. People might be suspicious but Olivia and Huck can keep a secret like nobody I've ever seen.

Miranda: I think for the sake of Pope & Associates, Olivia needs to come clean to Harrison and Abby and bring them into the inner circle before they find out on their own. And they will find out. They're both good at what they do and could be an asset in fixing this.

Carla: Yes. Olivia and Huck must keep the secret. If it was something that could be shared, they would have already done it. If David gets close or finds out the truth, then maybe they will have to tell, but until then the secret will stay a secret.

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Scandal Season 2 Episode 1 Quotes

Abby: It makes no sense. Do you buy it?
Harrison: I question she's lying about her alibi, but I have a hard time buying her as some Unabomber freak who could mix Clorox and toothpaste and blow up half an office park. No offense, Huck.
Huck: None taken.

Quinn: I went home and my apartment was surrounded, cops and FBI agents taking out all my stuff. A woman standing outside told me that a girl who lived there blew up a building and killed seven people.
Harrison: If you were innocent, you could've just called a lawyer.
Abby: You did work with a bunch of them. Also, I hear they're in the phone book.