Sons of Anarchy Round Table: "Small World"

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Sons of Anarchy packed quite the punch this week. Actually, it packed quite the snow globe, as Jax took bloody, brutal revenge in the name of Opie on "Small World."

In the face of such a beating, our Round Table team of Arlene Gonzalez, Christine Hinton, Carla Day, Dan Forcella and Paula Dunn Dawson (of are here to breakdown their favorite scenes, Carla's suicide and a lot more...


What was your favorite scene from the episode?
Arlene: Every single unexpected killing left me reeling, but I'll have to say the death by snow globe had me shouting with glee and cringing with every blow at the same time. That smarmy, D-Bag guard had it coming to him and with every crocodile tear he shed I wanted Jax to hit him even harder. Mission accomplished!

Christine: I've got to go with Carla's suicide. That entire scene was just so warped that I had no idea what to expect next. That she was Nero's half sister just added that extra bit twistedness to it all. In the end, she wound up as part of a big rug-cleaning day in Charming.

Carla: I have difficulty using the word favorite, but I thought the scene in the guard's kitchen was very well done. It was suspenseful, creepy and downright violent. I will never listen to "It's a Small World" the same way again. And snow globes may give me nightmares now.

Dan: It was definitely the snow globe murder. Jax meant some serious business right there.

Paula: Jax taking out the CDC douche that had instigated Opie’s demise. Jax is not usually the type that enjoys killing, so his echoing of Opie’s last words - “I got this” - was chilling, and he didn’t disappoint during that beat down. It gave us all a look at the “new” Jax, and I think we are in for a lot less conscience and a lot more “collateral damage,” as he put it. And, let’s face it, death by snow globe? Well, that was just all sorts of cool, especially that it didn’t break OR stop playing that creepy ass song the whole time.

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Are you surprised Clay is behind the Nomads?
Arlene: Old dirty bastard surprised me, yes! I know Clay is despicable and his hatred of Jax seems to be building with each episode, but to stoop so low as to use SAMCRO for his own ulterior motives was beyond. He may be using the newest members because they seem to be the most gullible and if any of them expire I won't be too sad (that means you, Chuck Zito) but Clay has crossed the line. And I thought pretending to still need the oxygen tank and milking his heart condition was low. I'm so done with him!

Christine: Not at all. Clay's a cold hearted, devious bastard and a bullet in his chest isn't enough to get him to go away quietly.  Clay will stop fighting for that head seat when he's six feet in the ground.

Carla: No. It was the only thing that made sense. Clay is not going to step down without a fight. The Nomads showed up when he returned from the hospital, too. The robberies are part of his plan to get the head seat at the table back.

Dan: Of course not. He's been so quiet and laid back recently, we knew he had to be up to something. As everyone was running around town saying "it can't be this person, or it can't be that person," it became more and more obvious that it was Clay behind all of it.

Paula: No, not even a little bit. I figured the break in at his at Gemma’s house was a red herring. You know he is making moves behind the scenes - and from how the Nomads were voting against Jax at the table and siding with Clay you could see who they work for.

Pen a eulogy for Carla.
Arlene: Oh Carla, sweet misguided, unmedicated, creepy Carla. Guess you found out incest isn't best. Even if it meant you trying to live vicariously by watching your half-brother get a forced BJ from your arch nemesis. Adios chica.

Christine: She was the madam who fell in love with her half-brother and one of the few people to make make Gemma Teller cry. I'm certain she had little peace in this life. Hopefully she's found some now.

Carla: Didn't know her long, but she was a crazy bitch. RIP.

Dan: What was the point of any of that? Just to have some crazy broad be crazy? I'm not exactly sure what that character or her slight story line brought to the table.

Paula: Bitch probably should have kept taking her meds.

Unser's speech to Gemma: Over the top or spot on?
Arlene: What the hell Pepaw?!? All of a sudden jealousy reared its ugly head and Unser tried to get in on the action?!? While I can understand he feels like he's been used by Gemma, I thought the timing was inappropriate. All this drama at the hospital! He was a bit over the top, but his "you're gonna die alone like me" line really hit hard. And it obviously drove Gemma to the brink resulting in her being picked up at a dive bar by... Joel McHale?!?

Christine: Spot on, although I think Unser's always known the game. Unser seems to be pushing things all over. Makes me wonder how long he'll last in Charming.

Carla: The idea that Unser thought he had a chance for something with Gemma was sad. I had always thought he realized that she was using him and taking advantage of his feelings for her. I actually still believe that. I think he was trying to make a point. Gemma hurt him and he wanted her know it. He may have gotten a bit too caught up in it, though.

Dan: Yeah, pretty spot on. It's his own fault for getting sucked in, but she had done nothing but use him for way longer than we've been watching these people's lives. She deserved to be put in her place.

Paula: I felt that Unser was spot on with what he said to Gemma. She is such a manipulator; half the time I don’t even think she realizes she is doing it. I think she needed to hear it from someone she knows and loves her like Wayne does. 

Will Jax regret getting in deeper with Pope?
Arlene: Most likely. I think he's deluding himself in thinking HE can use Pope and then get out. Messing with someone like Pope is like trying to walk across quicksand. With every step, you just sink deeper and deeper until you're completely engulfed in the slime and doomed to your death.

Christine: Perhaps, but taking the deal was a smart move. Why lose money when you can make it for the same amount of risk? I think Jax is learning with every step but to what end I'm not sure. Will he make it out or will he become the next Pope?

Carla: No. He was already in with Pope, so at this point he might as well make money from it instead of losing it. Jax has a big plan to either bring Pope down or make him pay. And this won't get in the way of that.

Dan: Absolutely. I can't believe everyone is okay with this. He's digging the hole deeper and deeper, which will make it much more difficult to climb out of. I don't like this as a move by Jax, although I love it as a viewer because it should cause a number of entertaining moments.

Paula: I think the relationship with Pope could be good for Jax. He has always seen the bigger picture for his club and Pope is someone who is all about the big picture. Pope definitely sees something in Jax that is worthy of his attention. 

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