South Park Review: Ben Affleck Doesn't Have Everything

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How far will one show and its staff go to make a joke about Ben Affleck?

Would they basically structure a whole unrelated plot around maybe a few snide references to him and the movie Argo, then at the end have a joke at his expense be the solution to the protagonist's problems? South Park would, and that's what "Going Native" accomplished.

Butters in Hawaii

Butters going unhinged on everyone was the highlight of this episode. Seeing him get angry at everyone and everything, calling out Stan, Kyle, and Cartman for their personality flaws, was so enjoyable because of just how out of character it was.

To top that, he went to Hawai'i and capsized a boat with a golf ball. That whole sequence was a laugh riot – probably the funniest thing this season because there's really nothing funnier than over-the-top violence. I may just be messed up, though: I haven't laughed harder at a movie in years than I have at Crank 2: High Voltage. So it's in that vein for sure.

Kenny is a hard character to showcase as well because of his propensity to mumble inaudible dialogue through an orange hoodie, but he was great this episode. His letters back to the mainland in the vein of old explorer, using archaic language like "on the morrow" before throwing in a description of an incredibly attractive woman in modern vernacular, was just a great touch.

The Hawaiian jokes seemed to be taking the idea of people who think they're "from" Hawai'i a bit too far, but that people like this exist is news to me. Maybe you've got to visit Hawai'i to understand it. It provided for enough silly shenanigans to justify the joke, though I did wonder what was going on throughout the whole thing.

Now, for the episode's big hook, that Butters' irrational anger was cured by realizing that Ben Affleck was married to Jennifer Garner and not Jennifer Lopez. If I may interject with my own opinion here: come on, Alias got stupid after a few seasons, but what's wrong with Jennifer Garner?!? She seems nice enough, and what has Jennifer Lopez done except make some terrible music and acted in terrible movies?

Frankly, I thought The Town was absurdly overrated, so maybe Garner is too good for Mr. Affleck. Argo sounded interesting until I discovered Affleck directed it and a friend who also disliked The Town was disappointed with it. Oh well.

While the whole premise was kind of ludicrous, and the main cast had little to do, this was another enjoyable episode of the series and a great continuation of this half-season, which has been extremely solid.

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Going Native Review

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