The Big Bang Theory Review: Two Moons in the Sky

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Last Thursday, I asked, "Where are the laughs?"

Well, in "The Higgs Boson Observation," The Big Bang Theory found them.

I previously complained that Howard's stories were no different than those he had on Earth. I was thrilled to see that change. Howard's deterioration in space was unique to his circumstances and not feel forced at all. Of course, it's unfortunate for Howard, but funny nonetheless. When you are deprived of something for an extended time, all you want is that thing. For Howard, it was gravity. The simple joy he got from seeing an object on Earth fall. 

In the end, he cracked. He finally lost his Fruit Loops! Hmm ... that's a joke they could have used. I hope the drugs help because I wouldn't want to see Howard come back with any permanent damage. He's unique enough as it is. I'm glad we didn't see the second moon!

Sheldon Hires an Assitant

Back on Earth, his friends went on with their lives. These stories were much improved also. Sheldon has always been super-smart. The look into his childhood brain was impressive. It's no wonder that people thought he was a witch. 

Now that Sheldon has hired an assistant, I'm a bit surprised he didn't already have one. Given his stature, it would make sense, though keeping one would be a challenge. The addition of Ms. Jensen is a positive one in many ways. She already knew how to play him during the interview. Score one for the assistant! How much more will she be able to play him?

Though, he did hold his ground on eating together until Leonard overruled his decision. Sheldon's Downton Abbey defense was probably sound back a century ago, but not today. Having recently watched the first two seasons of the PBS show, I enjoyed the reference. (If you haven't watched it, you should give it a view. I don't generally like British shows, but love that one.)

In addition to showcasing a new relationship in Sheldon's life, the assistant revealed the true feelings of both Amy and Penny. Amy and Sheldon really are meant to be together. Amy sees Sheldon as the one for her and believes that others see him that same way. She may be deluded, but it is honest. If only he would grow a little to reciprocate.

By the way, Amy looked hot all done up nice and pretty by Penny. My favorite line of the night was after Penny explained an eyelash curler to her.

Amy: Looks like something used by Tinker Bell's gynecologist.
Penny: Who I hope for her sake is not Captain Hook. | permalink

Penny briefly saw a life without Leonard and didn't like it. She grabbed her man and swept him away. While that was only a short term solution for her, it showed she wasn't ready to give Leonard up just yet. At least not to a beautiful and smart woman. Will they stay together or not? Not sure, but I wouldn't mind her getting a little jealous after her recent behavior. It would serve her right! 

Overall, this was an improvement over the first two episodes of the season, but still not one of the funniest. Check out some of the best Big Bang Theory quotes.

Do you agree that it was better? What was the funniest moment or line for you? Let's hope the improvements continue!

The Higgs Boson Observation Review

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The Big Bang Theory Season 6 Episode 3 Quotes

Sheldon: Flattery will not get you this job, Ms Jensen
Ms. Jensen: It's not flattery, if it's the truth.
Sheldon: Oh, well, thank you. Welcome aboard.

Penny: I'm just a blonde monkey to you, aren't I?
Sheldon: You said it, not me.