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In only our second glimpse of the Russell family, "Pick and Roll" delivered some good quality time with DB’s son Charlie as he became the prime suspect in his coach’s murder.

Okay, we all knew there was no way that Charlie had killed the coach. Besides how could we not suspect his wife Linda, played by Alexie Gilmore (who I loved in the short lived show New Amsterdam), when Hodges confirmed a high-heel imprint at the scene.?!? Which did beg the question: how did he fit in those heels?

Questioning Linda Burns

Aside from Linda, there was something about Vanessa that raised my suspicions. I want to say it was the questions she asked at dinner, but in reality it was realizing that a girl as attractive as her with her brains was dating a jock like Charlie. 

Yes, I know it sounds mean to say, but they were very different people socially and emotionally. If you need proof, look no further than the fact she was working as a sex therapist turned dominatrix “Mistress Z” - and Charlie had no clue. Speaking of dominatrix, was anyone else hoping Lady Heather Dr. Kessler was going to be the one to help Nick find Mistress Z?

I know we haven’t seen Melinda Clarke since 2011, but how awesome would that have been?!?

Of course, the last person you would suspect would be Mr. Keaton from Family Ties! Michael Gross did a great job in the final interrogation scene of looking creepy and crazy at the same time. It’s good to see him in a new role. Last thing I saw him doing was the Tremors franchise as Burt the gun nut. 

Overall, I think the show utilized the team members well. Sarah and Fin did the initial investigation, Nick and Greg were filling in the middle, while Hodges and Morgan spent a lot of time trying to find what made an impression in the blood on the floor. And let's not forget poor Henry sifting through several carts of locker room laundry, as he pointed out in one the great CSI quotes this week. 

In the end, I was glad for DB that Charlie was cleared and sad for Charlie as his super-hot girlfriend was scared off by his CSI father finding out she was a dominatrix. So overall I give it almost four free throws out of five for well-balanced episode. 

What did you think of this week’s offering? Were you happy to spend time with the Russell’s again?

Pick and Roll Review

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CSI Season 13 Episode 6 Quotes

TJ: Last night, after practice, there was a fight in the locker room. Somebody throw a punch at Coach. I stepped in to try to stop it. That's how the blood got on my jersey.
DB: Ok. All right. Thank you. Who throw the punch?
TJ: Your son.

Henry: No more locker room laundry. I just went through 3 carts of dirty towels. This whole place smells like feet.
Greg: Now it's going to smell like something else. And you might want to borrow Russell's incents. It's pretty ripe.