Elementary Round Table: "Flight Risk"

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Elementary delved into the world of drug smuggling last Thursday, as the smash new CBS drama took to the air in "Flight Risk."

What were the best moments from the episode?

Gather around our TV Fanatic Round Table with staff members Jim Garner, Carissa Pavlica and Kate Brooks - along with Amanda from Grizzlybomb.com and Brian from Geek Magazine - as they answer that question and many more...


What was your favorite scene from the episode?
Jim: Watching Joan get a lesson about Watson from his friend who pretended to be his father.

Carissa: I'm really not good at favorite scene questions, but I'll go with Sherlock waiting for Joan to wake up. I would have been scared to death!

Brian: I actually really enjoyed two of the guest stars, Allistair (Roger Rees) and Miranda Molinari (Reiko Aylesworth), and their respected scenes. Miranda as the flight inspector at the beginning was our weekly "Sherlock has to prove he belongs" character was solid in a small role. Then Allistair, who I would expect to be reoccurring, but not regular, was excellent in the dinner scene with Joan, though it was clear from casting alone he was not Sherlock's father.

Amanda: The scenes with Roger Rees as Allistair. Not only was Rees fantastic in The West Wing but I loved him as Macpherson on Warehouse 13. Even though he was a bad guy, I might have cried a wee little tear when he died. When Watson walked up to the table and it was him sitting there, I was a happy woman.

Kate: I particularly enjoyed the scene between Watson/Allistair. Her face when he said, "how's the sex" had me dying.

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Were you able to predict what was going to happen in the case?
Jim: This episode kept me guessing, but that allowed me to enjoy watching Bell and the NTSB Agent get behind Sherlock and his theories.

Carissa: No. this one was a bit more convoluted than usual, and I wasn't really that interested in the case, so I just sat back and waited for Holmesisms instead of trying to solve the case.

Brian: I didn't predict the sand in the tank or anything, though I should of as Sherlock made mention of it in the beginning. However as Owen told them to "Check with Cooper" for his alibai - I realized that Cooper was the killer, and with the model glue smell it became obvious he was wounded.

Amanda: I did but only when we met the owner guy. I doubted myself when they went back to the empty apartment but when they found the wrench so perfectly laid out for the, chided myself for doubting my instincts. This TV crime solving is serious business and you need to be able to trust your first judgement.

Kate: I was able to predict who the killer was going to be but definitely not the series of events that it was presented.

Did you think that Sherlock's father was actually going to show?
Jim: I was hoping he would so Sherlock would have been wrong, but I'm really glad it turned out to be an old friend after he asked about the sex.

Carissa: I thought he was going to, and since I walked out of the room when Joan returned from dinner, I expected him to be standing with her when I got back to the couch. It's sad his father thinks so little of him, but great he has friends like the one Joan met.

Brian: No, I knew he wouldn't show. This was about teaching Watson as lesson, and eventually she may learn to stop second guessing Sherlock all the time.

Amanda: Yeah... no. I'm glad it was a friend of Sherlock's rather than some random actor he hired (wouldn't have been surprised by that though) because it gives us a chance to see another side of him. He does have friends! Perhaps not like the rest of the world, but he does have them.

Kate: I wanted his father to show and that be the twist. I was very pleased that he was an old friends of Sherlock's. I like Allistair.

Did you think that Watson was in the right about how she reacted to Holmes playing her? Or did she have it coming?
Jim: While I don't think she had it coming, she could have been a little more accepting of his style of pranks. She was a bit grumbly afterwards.

Carissa: She was right. Sherlock plays her all the time and she was right that she doesn't know any more about him than she did when she first started following him around because he is so closed off.

Brian: She had it coming, and should stop whining. She is there to do a job, she is getting paid, she should grow up and recognize a good prank when she sees it. SACK UP WATSON...oh, wait.

Amanda: Brian I think the phrase you are going for is "sprout a set" and I'll echo that. Rule one with being friends with guys, they don't play like we do. I think she's getting bent out of shape more than she should. I do however think she has a point when it comes to him shutting her out. He niggles into her personal life, good example was last week, but freaks when she even comes close to him. Rule one with being friends with women? A smack on the ass doesn't substitute for actual meaningful conversation.

Kate: I think she was definitely in the right; it was a mean joke but also a funny one.

We're finally going to see Irene Adler. What are you most looking forward to seeing from this?
Jim: I don't know if we are going to get to see Irene yet or not, so far they've only mentioned her in the past tense. I'll believe it when I see.

Carissa: I have absolutely no idea.

Brian: I am curious to see this. For those who don't know the character, she is the only woman Sherlock has ever loved, and without a doubt his kryptonite. The way she was portrayed in the BBC's SHERLOCK was perfect and I hope they go the same way here - an intellectual equal to Holmes who works well as his foil.  Often on the opposite side of the case from our hero, and the object of unrequited admiration...

Amanda: I'm also curious as to how they are going to proceed with this. Like Brian, I hope they have her be a smart and interesting character instead of a "oh hey look here Sherlock Holmes fans, we've got Irene Adler on our show" throw away kind of thing that I fear is going to happen. I would love to be proven wrong on this one though.

Kate: I look forward to the more backstory it'll present to us viewers on Sherlock. I love backstory and learning more about our favorite characters and this will be interesting to see it play out even if Irene Adler doesn't physically show up.

What do you think adding Irene Adler will do to the Holmes/Watson dynamic?
Jim: Given that the writers have made it clear there won't be a Holmes/Watson romance, I suspect she will only bring them closer, especially if there were strong emotions of loss involved for Sherlock.

Carissa: Again, I don't know. I assume she was a romantic interest, so I wouldn't expect it to do anything to their dynamic. There's never been even the slightest indication of any romantic tendencies between Sherlock and Joan, so I wouldn't expect anything but support from her, if only he chose to confide in her.

Brian: I think the only real affect on the dynamic will be watching Watson slowly lose it as she will be forced to deal with essentially two Sherlocks, Irene being the much more dangerous one. I don't think that Irene will actually show up just yet, though.

Amanda: I don't think anything really. Watson and Holmes aren't attracted to each other so there isn't that sexual tension she'd be walking in the middle of. If nothing else, maybe Watson and Irene will become friends and then they can have a cross over episode with Two and a Half Men where Irene agrees to a date with Jon Cryer because Watson is going on a date with Ashton Kutcher (I could not tell you their character names if my life depended on it) and asked if Jon could come along.

Kate: I think it will strengthen it. The more Sherlock let's Holmes in the stronger their bond will be. I like their dynamic and I enjoy that it's not a "love-interest" kind of thing. It works well in their favor.

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