Elementary Round Table: "One Way to Get Off"

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Elementary re-opened a case from 13 years ago this week with "One Way to Get Off."

From our favorite scenes to our reactions to the reveal of Irene Adler's death, read on for the take of our Round Table - TV staff members Kate Brooks, Carissa Pavlica and Jim Garner, along with Amanda from Grizzlybomb.com and Brian from Geek Magazine - and chime in now...


What was your favorite scene from the episode?
Kate: The end when Sherlock said that Irene was did. Johnny Lee Miller is KILLING IT. He's so good and he just sucks me in.

Carissa: When they entered the disgusting apartment and and sherlock said..."ba whiff of exestensial despair..."

Brian: The opening kill scene. That mask was creepy as Hell and it started so cool. Ultimately I'd say why go to the trouble of wrapping the pillow around the head if you know you're gonna kill them anyhow, but I know he was just recreating the crime scene. Cool none the less.

Amanda: I was so excited that Aidan Quinn finally got a good amount of screen time in this episode. Any scene he is in is among my favorites.

Jim: I liked Gregson confronting his old partner; it was awesome to see he has integrity and would have come forward had things gone the other way.

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The case was a bit intense, did you guess any of the clues or the killer?
Kate: I guessed the killer, I was shocked that the kid was his son.

Carissa: Not a clue.

Brian: I knew Wade was guilty cause they weren't about to ruin Gregson's career. I didn't think of the son right away, I'll admit this one actually kept me guessing most of the way.

Amanda: I didn't know the whole extent of it, but I pegged the kid as involved right away. He just seemed to have too much involvement in that scene if it was to only provide the plot point that the mom had died.

Jim: This one had me completely baffled. I loved that I had no idea the entire time.

Captain Gregson's ex-partner was introduced, what kind of past do you think they have? Do you think she should come back?
Kate: I think their past isn't something either of them is proud of, their is something "dark" about them. Maybe it's a short lived romance? Not sure. All I know is that I want more of it.

Carissa: I didn't like her and her disregard for the law. She'd only cause problems, and not the fun or intriguing kind.

Brian: She will be back for sure. 100%. They just set up some of Gregson's past, no way they don't delve further into Callie Thorne's character as well.

Amanda: It seemed like they left that situation really wide open so I imagine Callie Thorne will return. Not to mention, she's a little bit of a bigger name to just appear in a few scenes.

Jim: They clearly are different people, she planted evidence after all. I wondered if the hostility that Sherlock noticed was over the planting, but now I know it's not. I hope she comes back enough to find out more about Gregson.

Does Watson have the right to go behind Sherlock's back to find out information on him?
Kate: Yes and no. It is her job but it's also his privacy.

Carissa: That's what she was hired to do. She doesn't work for him. She works for his dad. He kknows that, and the only reason he keeps things so close to the vest is because of it. It's really her only recourse until he starts talking to her.

Brian: Uh... no. Sherlock's "healing" seems forced, and Watson more often than not offers nothing of real substance here. They just used 2 full episodes worth of Watson's screen time just to make Sherlock say Adler's name.

Amanda: On one hand I get that she's supposed to try and anticipate what might prompt Sherlock to start using again but she's getting a little ridiculous with this Irene thing. Like Brian said, she hasn't done squat for two episodes now except mope and skulk in the background. They need to get her back into the main story.

Jim: As his sober companion, yes. That is what she is suppose to do. If they had the classic "just friends" relationship, then I would say no. Glad she is balancing the two.

Irene Adler is dead. REACT!
Kate: I don't believe it because Irene Adler is deceiving. It'd be too anti-climatic for her to be truly be dead.

Carissa: Historically she was never meant to be more than a bit, but important character in his life so it just gives his more to grow from.

Brian: She is not dead. There is no way. There are a limited amount of classic Sherlock characters, they aren't gonna kill off one of the biggest ones without ever showing her just to further justify Watson's job. They have a long season of episodes to yet fill, Adler is gonna show up.

Amanda: I had to work hard to muster up the caring about this one. I can't believe she's dead because they have spent a lot of (laborious) time discussing her.However, if they are going to keep up the story with her being dead by having Watson pull it out of Sherlock like a stubborn molar, then I'd rather they just go ahead and leave it at she's dead and move on.

Jim: The producers said this show took place after his adventures in the UK. While shocking, her being dead make that very clear, but also gives them a blank check to write his future in NY.

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