Last Resort Review: They All Fall Down

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Last Resort took us deeper into Sam's psyche and expanded the mystery as it sent us on a time jumping, hallucinatory, wicked ride in "Another Fine Navy Day." Where it dropped us off left me a bit dazed and with the feeling that I should be looking over my shoulder.

An Unknown Assailant

Washington D.C. was left in the cold this week as we were left to wonder what happened to the Admiral after he killed White House Advisor Straw. Kylie and her new partnership with Christine were also out of the loop, but Christine still managed to be front and center…in Sam's dreams.

Hallucinations…The drugged hallucinations were a bit heartbreaking.  Watching Marcus tell a bedtime story to a young Jeffrey made my heart ache. Considering the amount of stress he's under now, I could only imagine how much his psyche wanted to go back to the warmth and comfort of that moment.  The grief over losing his son colors everything.

Sam's visions were a little more complicated.  He was wracked with guilt over Christine and more than a little in fear of losing her, especially after seeing that photo of her in Paul in an embrace.

And damn, I know Nigel was drugged but he was downright gleeful when he showed Sam that photo. Sophie brushed it off saying he was not himself but I disagree. Sometimes our true selves come out when under the influence. He definitely has some deep resentment over the men in uniform taking over his outpost.

Sam's conversations with Christine were some of my favorite scenes this week.  I loved it when Christine told him that the first thing he thought when Marcus offered him a desk job was that he hoped she'd never find out about it.  He could deny it all he wanted but since it's his subconscious doing the talking on both ends we knew it was true.  The poor guy will always have a foot in two worlds.  The Navy he loves and the wife he's always leaving behind.

Time Jumping…The time jumping worked for me. As a matter of fact I think it added to the off balance feel of the crew being drugged. Everything eventually made sense but as a viewer you had to grab hold of the bits and pieces you were given and then try and put them all together as the story went along.

Of course they didn't make it easy as there were certainly things that were left out like…

Who the Hell took the Key!?!  Yeah, this is a problem.  Someone stole the nuclear launch key, right off of Marcus' neck.  The upside is they also saved his life but that's just another twist in an already winding road. Was it someone who was involved in drugging the water supply or someone else taking advantage of the situation?

No matter who it was the question remains, what's their end game here?

Once again the COB brought all of the fun and the best lines, my favorite of which was the exchange between Joe, Sam, and Marcus in these Last Resort quotes...

Prosser: Sir, are you going to eat those hairy balls? | permalink

and then…

Sam: I hadn't pegged you for an exotic fruit man COB.
Prosser: Don't ask. Don't tell. | permalink

Leave it to Robert Patrick as the COB to make me smile every week.

And a last few notes on this Last Resort…

  • Did you see that gecko tattoo on Tani? Wow! I'm left wondering if that's the character's or the actress'.
  • Poor Sophie. She really needs a girlfriend who will shut off the video and hand her a pint of chocolate ice cream. No good comes of watching that over and over.
  • Does Sam have any idea who he was really kissing?
  • With only two SEALS left, will we ever know what really happened in Pakistan?

Who stole the key? Member of the crew? CIA plant? And whoever they are, what do they plan to do with it?  And don't forget to check out our Last Resort round table later this weekend as they will have plenty to say about "Another Fine Navy Day."

Another Fine Navy Day Review

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Last Resort Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

Sam: I hadn't pegged you for an exotic fruit man COB.
Prosser: Don't ask. Don't tell.

Your dead already you arrogant son of a bitch you're just too stupid to fall down.