Last Resort Round Table: "Nuke It Out"

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"Nuke It Out"  sent viewers on a wild ride that included missing nuclear launch keys, a CIA mole and sex on the beach... and we're not talking about the drink.

It all left our Last Resort Round Table team gasping for breath, as TV Fanatic staffers Jim Garner, Carla Day and Christine Orlando try to figure out the newest love triangle and which characters are in over their heads.


What was your favorite scene?
Jim: I liked the XO telling jokes and getting the morale back up with the men. It was a nice touch.

Carla: James and Grace on the beach! I've been wanting to see that hook-up since the beginning.

Christine: James and Grace on the beach mostly because I didn't see that coming. They've had chemistry but I didn't think they'd go their yet. They just became the show's one and only hot couple.

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James and Tani or James and Grace?
Jim:  WTF. Did we really need a love triangle? I swear it's like someone was reading How to Write Drama 101 and number-five must have "love triangle" GAH.. That said, I liked him with Tani.

Carla: James and Grace all the way. They have a spark and tension between them that can't be denied. I think James thinks he wants to be with Tani, but really ... Grace is the woman for him!

Christine: I'm with Carla on this one. I didn't realize how little I cared about James and Tani until he hooked up with Grace. Tani might be good for him but he and Grace have some definite chemistry. This could definitely be interesting.

Is Christine in over her head or is she playing the player?
Jim: A little of both I fear.

Carla: She's formidable. She's fighting for the love of her life. She has much more to gain and lose than others. She's a player. And I can't wait to see what she does next!

Christine: I love that she's not the vulnerable little girl she appears to be. She's tough and devious and willing to fight but Jim's right.  If the U.S. government is out to stop her she might be in over her head.

Julian Serrat: Running the show or dead man walking?
Jim: Sooooo a dead man walking. COB is going to kill before the Captain ever gets a chance.

Carla:  Oh ... I don't know. Both? He definitely has control over the island and the people there, but at that same time he is risking his life. Chaplin could easily take out Serrat. The question will be when will Serrat become more of a liability than potential asset?

Christine: I don't understand why the guy is still standing. He's abducted numerous crewman, killed one and drugged the entire island. He needs to be handled, pronto.

What do you think of the news that Last Resort is about to get canceled?
Jim: I'm disappointed and crushed, I would have hoped its ratings were enough for it to get moved to another night/time just to see if they could climb a little more. Let's hope the last episode isn't a cliffhanger!

Carla: Very sad. Last Resort is one of the best shows on. At least the creators will know when the end is coming and hopefully be able to give a satisfying ending for fans. Fingers crossed ... maybe it could still survive. It's not entirely dead yet since they are airing six more episodes.

Christine: This is a case of a great show being doomed by a horrible time slot. I was hoping they'd move it to another night and a later time. I'm very sad to see such an entertaining show get the ax. I'll definitely miss it but I'm looking forward to seeing how this creative team wraps up the story.

C. Orlando is a TV Fanatic Staff Writer. Follow her on Twitter.

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