Once Upon a Time Round Table: "Child of the Moon"

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As Meghan Ory warned in our previous exclusive interview, this Sunday's Once Upon a Time was one wild ride full of wolf-related obstacles for Ruby to overcome.

"Child of the Moon" provided our Round Table team - made up of TV Fanatic staffers Jim Garner, Nick McHatton and Christine Orlando - with plenty to ponder regarding Ruby's love life and what wolf-like tendency each member would choose...


What was your favorite scene from the episode?
Jim: I loved Aurora waking up and having spoken to Henry. It made sense from last week that they would use the dream to communicate.

Nick: Gold giving Henry the necklace free of charge. For all his nastiness and favor makings he's continually trying to right his wrongs as a father, and helping Henry free of charge seems to be his way of making up for Bae.

Christine: I'm with Nick on this one. I loved the interaction between Gold, Regina, and Henry. It really made me hope that Neal is actually Baelfour which would make Rumplestiltskin Henry's grandfather. How cool would that be?

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Will Ruby every find love again and, if so, do you have a love interest in mind?
Jim: Does Storybrooke have a dog catcher? Just kidding! I hope she finds love again; maybe a dwarf, they're fearless and loyal.

Nick: Everyone gets true love, but no one that we've met so far has felt like a good match for her yet.

Christine: Billy was cute so his demise was a real shame. The only person Ruby's had any chemistry with is Charming but since he's taken by Snow their relationship will have to remain platonic. Hopefully someone new with a love of things canine will wander into Storybrooke soon.

Who is the bigger villain: Cora or King George?
Jim: Both are pretty nasty villains, but I think Cora is the bigger threat. Her ability to do magic makes her way more unpredictable than King George.

Nick: Without a doubt it's Cora. Magic and cunning travel farther than deceit alone, and George is always getting shot down by Charming.

Christine: Looks like it's unanimous. George might take the term royal bastard to a new level but Cora literally rips out people's hearts. It's difficult to top that.

Which character do you want to see make it to Storybrooke first: Cora, Hook or Neal?
Jim: Gotta go with Neal. I'm very curious to see if he is Baelfire or not. It would explain why Mr. Gold gave Henry the charm without any strings attached.

Nick: Logistically, Neal has the best shot of getting to Storybrooke first since Hook and Cora need get a portal open, but Neal's usefulness as a character is directly tied to Emma, so if she's not back in Storybrooke yet there's not a lot to mine from him alone without her. Therefore, Cora seems like the best option since her and Regina can stare daggers at each other.

Christine: Although I'm dying to find out if Neal is Baelfour, I have to agree with Nick. Cora's entrance to Storybrooke should pack more dramatic punch.

Which wolf trait would you want: Red's ability to track by smell, Granny's super hearing or the cool howl?
Jim: I think Granny also has the smell part, but I have to go with the smell and/or hearing. Living in the city and howling at the moon would be a bit weird.

Nick: Super hearing.

Christine: As much as I think I want to know what people are saying, I probably really don't. I'll got with the sense of smell. At least I'll always be able to track down whatever I want, although the howl is cool.

C. Orlando is a TV Fanatic Staff Writer. Follow her on Twitter.

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