Once Upon a Time Round Table: "Tallahassee"

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Our plucky heroine almost made it this week. Unfortunately, settling down in "Tallhassee" with her true love was a dream Emma never saw come true.

Sad though it was, Once Upon a Time has given our Round Table team of TV Fanatic staffers Jim Garner, Nick McHatton, and Christine Orlando - joined by Once Upon a Time fan, Kelly - the chance to ponder what was in that box and whether or not Emma made a mistake with the formidable Captain Hook.


What was your favorite scene?
Jim: Emma and Snow hugging after Snow clarified they would go back together. Emma's not use to having someone care about her like that and it was cool to see her soften a little.

Nick:  Emma not slaying the giant.

Christine: It was fun to see Emma so young and happy. She and Neal made a cute couple and she should really wear glasses more often. They looked adorable on her.

Kelly: Hook and Emma working together to climb the beanstalk and defeat the giant, mostly because Hook is hot and we need to see more of him.

Once Upon a Time RT - depreciated -

What do you think August had in that box that convinced Neal he was telling the truth?
Jim: He had the storybook (the one Henry gets eventually) that showed Neal's early life as Baelfire and his trip to this land. We know he had the typewriter before in there, I have to imagine the early stages of the book was in there too.

Nick:  Hard to say, but the wood is magical in fairy tale land, so I'm wondering if it's an eye back to that.

Christine: Ooh, Jim. So you think Neal is Baelfire?!? I like that theory and it would explain what would convince Neal that Emma has this crazy destiny - because if you're wrong, I have no clue.

Kelly: Last we saw, August kept his typewriter in there and I can't imagine that would do it. So it must have been something magical, unless Jim's right and Neal already knows all about the fairy tale world.

Was Emma right to have Hook detained at the top of the beanstalk?
Jim: No matter how charming he is, Hook is a pirate. Granted, he's a handsome and friendly pirate. But, in the end, he's a bad boy and Emma needs to avoid that ilk!

Nick:  Yes, Hook was owed a little deception.

Christine: Yeah, Hook could be loyal or he could shove her off the beanstalk after grabbing the compass from her. He's a wild card. I don't blame her for not taking any chances.

Kelly: No! They were working so well together, I mean besides him oggling all of that treasure. This will definitely set these two back and might even send him straight into Cora's clutches.

Why are Aurora and Henry having the same dream and what do you think it means?
Jim: They are linked somehow. I'm guessing that in time they will learn to pass messages through the dream to the other world, and they will need it to open the portal correctly.

Nick:  A way for Emma and Snow to communicate with their loved ones back in Storybrooke.

Christine:  They both suffered a sleep curse so are they looking at one another in the dream? But right now the whole thing sounds damn scary.  I wouldn't want to sleep either.

Kelly: It must have something to do with having the sleeping curse at the same time. Their descriptions make the eyes seem evil. Could it be Cora?

Do you hope Neal makes his way to Storybrooke?
Jim: Just to prove my theory on his history correct, yes! And for those who say Baelfire came through earlier, I will remind them that we don't know when he arrived; he could have landed after Emma and August for all we know.

Nick:  It's only a matter of time now!

Christine: Absolutely. I want a Neal/Emma reunion, especially since he's Henry's father. And I'm with Jim on the timing issue. Time is a relative thing when jumping from different worlds.

Kelly: Neal wasn't favorite of mine. I'd prefer Hook to make it to Storybrooke, but I'd guess they may both be there before long.

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