Private Practice Round Table: "The Next Episode"

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Private Practice turned its attention to Sam on "The Next Episode" this week... and the result was less than thrilling.

In this edition of the TV Fanatic Round Table, staff members Christina Tran and Carissa Pavlica are joined by readers Caitlyn, Beina and Jarrod as they take a look at the best and worst moments from this ABC drama making like a reality TV show...


What was your favorite quote or scene from this week's episode?
Jarrod: Violet's very last scene with the camera crew when being confronted about crying in Pete's office very early on was touching: "I eat breakfast there. Not all the time, just when I need. He had this favorite set of sheets that I hated and now I can't sleep without them. I wear his sweater at home, I mean, I'd wear it all the time, but I'm afraid people would probably think I was the freak that wears her dead husband's clothes. I know Pete isn't coming back, I know that every day I am getting closer to knowing who I am without..."

Caitlyn: Even though this was the Sam-centric episode, mine actually had nothing to do with him. I loved it when Cooper suggested a reality show for himself!

Beina: I liked the interview with Cooper. I'd like to see a reality show about him, too.

Carissa: I liked Sam and Addison being friends, when he spoke to her about what he was going through with his mother. I always felt they were better friends than anything and it was a great reminder that the friendship was still there.

Christina: Amelia (to Sam) - "Your ass so stacks up with the entire Kardashian family."

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What did you miss most since Sam took center stage?
Jarrod: I can't really say that I missed much at all. All of our characters are getting an episode based around them and though I don't like Sam, he deserved an episode dedicated to him regardless of how soap opera it came off.

Caitlyn: Definitely Charlotte and Cooper together! These two have become the reason I watch and love the show.

Beina: The presence of the other characters, especially Addison.

Carissa: Mostly just the format of the show. It seemed there were a lot of those fake reality formats happening during the week, and given my annoyance with reality television in general, I missed seeing the normal flow of Private Practice.

Christina: I'm with Carissa on this one. It was just too different and I've never been fond of "reality" television.

Most shocking: Charlotte’s suddenly super pregnant belly, no resolution for the missing child storyline,or Sam’s attitude with not wanting to help Raymond?
Jarrod: Sam's selfish arrogance or resolution for a storyline to keep viewers guessing doesn't surprise me. Charlotte's super pregnant belly, however, does. I know she's carrying triplets, but geez, how did she blow up so soon?

Caitlyn: Without a doubt, the missing child not being found. I can't help but wonder what the point of continuing that story is. Only thing I could come up with is that it supports Violet's arc in a way. Although Charlotte's sudden belly was definitely a good kind of shock! It was just disappointing that there was an inconsistency with it. They might have gotten away with it if Sam hadn't said the girl had gone missing only a few days ago.

Beina: The fact that they couldn't find the little girl.

Carissa: Since I missed the news that Charlotte was having natural triplets, I'd have to go with her big belly. Second was Sam's not wanting not to help Raymond. I don't think I could have found out someone, anyone, was my father and sent him away to die knowing I was his only chance to live.

Christina: It's no surprise people love CharCoop so I could see the writers trying to speed up the process. Then, there are always some stories that are left unfinished. As for Sam, that was so low. It's crazy how unlikeable Sam's become only recently.

Next week’s episode will be all about Addie. Whose story are you most excited for?
Jarrod: I actually cannot say. Now that Sam's episode is gone, the show is making way for characters that I'm actually excited for. I want to say Jake for more back story, but I'd also like for Sheldon to get some long overdue screen time and well-written storylines. After all, Brian BenBen deserves it after four and a half seasons.

Caitlyn: Whose character-centric episode am I looking forward to the most? I think it's pretty obvious: Charlotte and Cooper's!

Beina: I can't wait to see the episode of Addison and Cooper!

Carissa: Well, since it's all about Addison... I'll go with Addision.

Christina: CharCoop!

Cooper and Amelia couldn’t care less about reality television. What’s your take?
Jarrod: After seeing things like Jersey Shore and Keeping Up With The Kardashians, the only things I really have to say are: "What has this world become?"

Caitlyn: I'm quite the fan of reality television when it comes to competitions; America's Next Top Model marathons are a definite treat! But those similar to what Sam was doing puts me on the side of Coop and Amelia.

Beina: Honestly, I watch several reality shows, but I prefer the ones focused on talents. Documentaries? I find them boring!

Carissa: Amen brother and sister! Amen!!!

Christina: Reality TV is so lame. 

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